Ways to Connect With Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

The holidays are a crazy time of year for everyone, and sometimes the whole point of the holidays, connecting with your loved ones, gets overlooked in the hectic craze of the season. It can be hard to juggle all of the events taking place during the holidays, along with decorating, shopping, and other holiday tasks. If this year you are determined to connect with your loved ones during the holidays, try some of the ways below.

Host a holiday meal:
Try hosting this year’s holiday event, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day, or Hanukkah dinner. This doesn’t have to be difficult or extravagant “ host a pot luck dinner or have the event catered. Or if a dinner is too much, try having a cocktail party or even a before dinner event at your home, before heading out to the main event. This is a terrific, traditional way to connect with your loves ones during the holidays.

Plan an open house:
This is a lovely way to bring your loved ones together without interfering with other holiday plans. You can have an open house any time during the holiday season, helping you to work around both your schedule and that of the ones you love. Just choose a day, set aside a couple hours, and send invitations “ that’s it! Set up a small bar, set out some delectable food, and throw on holiday music. Friends and family can stop by during the day to visit and enjoy the season, without feeling pinned down to a certain time of day or a sit down meal.

Send Christmas cards:
As old fashioned as it sounds, Christmas (or holiday) cards are still one of the best ways to connect with loved ones. You can write a simple, personal note in each card, or create a newsletter to tuck in each one that updates all of your loved ones on what’s been going on during the year. If you are feeling really ambitious you can reach out to everyone to ask if there is a certain highlight that they would like to see written in the newsletter. This can make all your loved ones feel very connected during the holiday season.

Skype and Facebook are two terrific ways to connect with those you love during the holidays. Some families even enjoy a virtual dinner on Skype in order to share a holiday meal with loved ones who are far away. Downloading the Skype software and setting up an account are both free, and you can live chat and enjoy a holiday connection with everyone you love at the holidays. Facebook is another great way to connect, as you can set up a family account and have everyone download photos and videos, along with personal messages, to share. If your family ends up getting together live for the holidays, it is great fun to sit down together and laugh over all the postings.

Pick up the phone:
Make a list of everyone you want to connect with this holiday season and then, well, call them! Depending on exactly how many loved ones you have, you may have to plan this out for several evenings during the holiday season, but it is a great way to connect with those you love. Try jotting down a few notes to share as you talk to everyone, updating everyone on the goings-on of all the family. This is a great way to connect, during the holidays and any time!


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