One Celeb, Four Looks: Elizabeth Olsen

It’s been a big year for Elizabeth Olsen, who we can arguably cement as one of the industry’s (and her family’s?) best-kept secret. But on top of dazzling critics with her recent turn in Martha Marcy May Marlene, the younger Olsen has also maintained the familial fashion legacy, using red carpet events and the late night circuit to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with. Here’s four looks we’re especially into.

Look #1: Day-to-Day 
A testament to being trendy vs. wearing trends, Elizabeth embraces the season’s polka dot infatuation by donning the print twice, alternating colour and texture to prevent seeming over-the-top. However, since polka dots are often seen as ultra feminine and vintage, the actress’ choice to don a leather-embellished blazer prevents it from just being an homage to ˜60s trends and propels it into the 21st century.

Look #2: Black Tie
With holiday parties in our midst, you can’t help but use Ms. Olsen’s most recent red carpet appearance as a template for how to make black tie-only unconventional. Combining a classic top with a satin belt and modern, angled skirt, Elizabeth helps modernize a traditional aesthetic and prevents herself from making a safe choice. That said, while the colour and style are kept relatively simple, her choice to keep footwear basic is crucial: by going overboard with embellished heels or even boots, they can overshadow the dress and make it seem too understated.
Elizabeth Olsen holiday look 

Look #3: Out and About
Sometimes it helps to see winter jackets worn well to make putting our own on seem less tedious, and in the case of Elizabeth Olsen, she proves that fashion and function do exist simultaneously. While in the case of Canadians, it’d be smart to don tights with such a short skirt, her coat’s combination of textures exemplify the importance of keeping winter wear interesting “ especially since it’s worn often begrudgingly. Her choice of ankle boots also helps to anchor her look, as ankle boots offer a reprieve from the standard black heel, and are a step up from flat lace-up styles.
Elizabeth Olsen casual look

Look #4: Office Appropriate
A button-up blouse and A-line style may hardly seem like a red carpet accomplishment, but by donning a commanding necklace with a silk print skirt, her look is given dimension and personality as opposed to advertising for the 9-5 uniform. Her leather jacket also helps add interest, giving an edge to a relatively safe look, while working alongside the belt that helps define her silhouette. Reference this outfit the next time you hope to combine office and badass.
Elizabeth Olsen business look 

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