Unusual New Year’s Eve Date Ideas

Are you bored with First Night, pub crawls, the same old parties and events (how many times can you watch that ball drop?) This year, why not try celebrating New Year’s Eve in an unusual (but just as fun) manner? There are plenty of ways to ring in the New Year that will make this year’s event a little more special (and unusual.) For some ideas for unusual dates for you and your guy this New Year’s Eve, try some of the dates below.

Cruise the night away
Book a romantic cruise for New Year’s Eve and celebrate on deck with fellow travelers. This is a great way to meet new people or just spend time alone as a couple.  Whether the cruise is for one night or a few, for Bermuda or your local waterway, a cruise is an unusual but very romantic way to spend New Year’s Eve.

Ski all night
Book a hotel room near a ski resort (unless you are lucky enough to live near one) and spend the night skiing. At midnight you can either gather with all the other night skiers in the club, or retire to your room for a private New Year’s celebration. (Try to get a room with a hot tub, so you can warm up and relax before pouring the champagne.) Celebrating New Year’s Eve on the slopes is certainly an unusual way to ring in the new year.  If the two of you don’t ski, look for any other type of adventure that you do enjoy “ ice skating, ball room dancing, even an indoor pool party. Odds are if you can imagine it, there is a New Year’s Eve event surrounding it.

Costume parties
Not just for Halloween anymore! Throw (or attend) a costume ball to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Go as a famous couple, or just in some fabulous costumes. The magic and mystery of a costume party will add to the fun of New Year’s Eve, and is certainly an unusual way to celebrate. 

Balloon extravaganza
Purchase 200 balloons and place gift certificates for each other, as well as promises for the new year, small gifts, and just plain romantic love notes inside, then blow them up and fill your bedroom, dining room, wherever you feel like celebrating. (Purchase a small pump or rent a helium one “ don’t try to manually inflate 200 balloons, unless your lung capacity is amazing.) At midnight, start popping!  Unusual but lots of fun!

Leave town
Travel to a different city, one you have both always wanted to visit. Book a hotel room and spend the night on the town. The excitement of a new city will add to the overall excitement of your New Year’s celebration.  You can go all out and jump on a flight to someplace exotic, or just drive a few hours to an exciting new city. No matter what you do, this unusual New Year’s Eve date is sure to be one to remember!

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