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There’s a fine line between warmth and style, and it’s a tricky balance to keep. We’re all haunted by childhood memories of puffy outerwear that made us wonder what was so great about being warm anyway. Or at the very least, Randy’s notorious cry in A Christmas Story: I can’t put my arms down! Give one of our picks a try the next time you’re bundling up and avenge Randy.


Camel coat
Camel has been everywhere since fall, and it’s still going strong. A well-made camel coat is no flash-in-the-pan. This is one investment piece that will always be in style.

Shearling is turning up on boots, mittens and hats, but it’s the best accent for a jacket. Whether it’s a full lining or just a trimmed collar, a little shearling instantly ups your style and warmth.


Legwarmers took New York Fashion Week, showing up on runways like Michael Kors and Derek Lam. But they’ve come a long way since the 80s “ stick with a neutral colour, and don’t leave them scrunched up at your calves. Pull them up over your knees to mimic thigh-highs or the over-the-knee boot. Try cable-knit legwarmers for an even cosier feel, like Foot Traffic’s Cable Knit Legwarmers.

Velvet leggings
If legwarmers were a leg’s best friend in the 80s, velvet leggings definitely belonged to the 90s. But not any more. Velvet’s back again, and it’ll definitely keep you warmer than regular leggings, especially if layered. But proceed with caution “ velvet as a fabric is embellished enough, so let’s leave the hot pink velvet in its 90s grave.


Fur muff
Faux fur is huge right now, and a fur muff makes a classy alternative to gloves if you’re not doing anything too involved. Try Urban Outfitter’s Urban Renewal Faux Fur Muff – its string goes around your neck so you won’t lose your muff if you need to use your hands.

Embellished gloves
Knock the luxury factor up a notch with dressed-up gloves. You can find ruffled gloves just about anywhere now, but a lot of designers are adding studs and lace as well. Diane von Furtsenberg hits a home run with her leather Windsor Driving Gloves, available in snakeskin or lace.

Diane von Furtsenberg gloves

For a great guide on which boots will see you through the season, check out The 5 Boots You Need This Winter.

Also stay tuned for our guide on the fashionable head coverings we’re coveting this winter.

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