Top 10 Fail-Proof Gifts for Guys

Fail proof gifts for women? Easy. Chocolate. Bath stuff. Funky housewares. The list goes on. Regardless of what men may say, they are definitely the harder sex to buy gifts for. Men are practical. They like gadgets. They like doing / building / fixing things themselves. That can make for some tough gift buying. Here are some gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband when a mixed CD just won’t cut it.

Classic novels.
You can’t go wrong with the classics. Ones that are also close to your heart are best to give as gifts, but you can’t fail with coming of age stories with awesome male-protagonists. The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, The Jungle Book. These kinds of books are welcome library staples.

Craft beer.
If he’s a beer enthusiast, he’ll appreciate your own hand selected 6-pack of locally brewed treats. 

Headphones or speakers.
iPod candy is welcome by any music lover.

A great kitchen knife.
It may sound a little boring, but a solid knife to use in the kitchen can revolutionize any amateur chef’s life. Plus, it’ll make him feel more like a ninja. That’s why men are into cooking, right? 

Man in the kitchen

Unique laptop skins.
If he’s glued to his laptop, get him a one-of-a-kind covering to dress it up with. If he appreciates a bit of whismy in his wardrobe and acessories, look for a whimsical, nostalgia inducing one like an etch-a-sketch or an old school Nintendo controller.  

Framed wall art.
One-of-a-kind prints by awesome local artists make any room look a lot more rad. Getting it framed earns you extra points. 

Pint glasses or martini glasses.
The DIY cocktail fan will love having a cupboard full of sturdy new glasses. 

Grooming goodies.
Treat him to some natural shaving oil, aftershave or soap. If he’s into it, splurge on a barbershop gift certifigate. 

Stylish bar accessories.
Bottle openers, coasters, whiskey stones are the fun extras that take the home bar to the next level. To make him feel that much closer to Don Draper. 

Specialty foods.
If he’s a hot sauce fanatic, hit your local handmade grocer for some artisan stuff. If he’s into grilling, go for a great looking marinade or BBQ sauce. What man doesn’t love ketchup and mustard? Top knotch condiments are a fun alternative to stock in the fridge. 

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