The Escape Plan: The Least Awkward Ways to End a One Night Stand

So you’ve got a blinding headache, you don’t know where your shoes are, and your arm is asleep from being awkwardly wedged under some random dudes torso all night. Oh the awkward morning after a one-night stand. No matter how much you try, it never, ever gets better.

Thankfully we can help it be a little less awkward with these four tips¦

Operation brunch with the girls

Plain and simple, the best way to keep the awkwardness out of a one-night stand is to leave as soon as you can. If nothing comes up about hanging out within the first twenty minutes of you both being awake you then you initiate the brunch with the girls plan. Get up and let him know that you have standing plans with your ladies and they can’t be missed. Whether he’s at your place or you at his, this one always works like a charm.

Don’t be sneaky

You know what’s worse than doing a walk of shame at 5am? Getting caught tiptoeing down the hallway with your shoes in one hand and your panties in the other by your conquests roommate (who, of course, had to pee right then). Not only is sneaking out not cool because you’re leaving his place unlocked but girl, it’s also rude. Either you sleep it off or you wake him up to tell him you’re leaving. No sneaky, sneaky for you.

Say thank you

No matter if he was terrible in bed or if the two of you woke up with the realization that you have absolutely nothing in common, aren’t really attracted to one another,  and probably will never, ever hang out again¦you should always say thank you. Whether it’s thank you for a good night, thank you for giving me a place to sleep, or thank you for letting me leave this torturous situation “ just always end with a simple thank you.

Be honest but don’t have expectations

Most people who have one night stands are looking for nothing more, so keep your expectations low. However, if you really are digging this dude, be honest with him and let him know but be clear that you expect no reciprocation (and don’t turn into an emotional hot mess if you don’t get it, awkwardness definitely escalates with tears).  For the record, this honesty is also totally okay to be kept at bay until you are home, back in your own bed, and sending via text message.

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