5 Guys You Won’t Regret Sleeping With

Whyyyyy did I sleep with him? Chances are you have either thought this, said this or heard one of your best friends say it at some point in your life. Well, guess what? You’re not alone. The good news is, that there are a whole plethora of men out there in the world and most of them are put in your path to teach you something (let’s look at the silver linings here ladies) — a few more than others. Here are five guys that every girl should (these are suggestions only) sleep with in her lifetime¦ and why. 

The guy who is adorably nerdy

If anyone is going to surprise you in the sack, it could very will be this guy. You’d be surprised the things a man who loves to study and learn can know about the ways to please a woman. And even if he doesn’t, every girl should have that one guy she has the pleasure of teaching the ins and outs to. Everyone loves a good student and you bet this guy will be it.

The guy you’d never give a second glance

You go on a date with him and he’s pretty fun but a little boring, kinda funny but not that funny, totally not your type in the looks department and the chemistry is nil. But he’s nice and he’s there and, well, you want to get laid. Hook up with this guy because there is such a small chance that you’re going to get emotionally attached but it’ll be entertaining and you’ll get your fix and, who knows, maybe you’ll score a friend out of it.

The guy who adores you

Ladies, take note: this is the guy who you want to teach you everything. Even if you aren’t really that jazzed about him (but hopefully you are cause ladies this guy is rare), you sleep with this guy because he will put his everything into making sure that you are satisfied. He has the ability to teach you things about your body in the bedroom that you never dreamed possible.

The guy you hate

There’s a lot that can be said about hate sex. When your emotions are already on a high, which they tend to be around someone you really can’t stand, it can make for some pretty passionate sexual escapades. Trust us when we say, don’t write this guy off, he could end up being one of the best you ever had.

The guy you want to marry

No matter if this guy fit into one of the above four categories at some point in the time you’ve known him, there is something totally different about the intimacy you feel between you and the person you know you’re going to marry. He’ll know you better than anyone else in this world and even if the sex isn’t always perfect, it will mean something so much more important to the both of you.

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  1. Avatar
    • Kofybean
    • July 2, 2022

    The guy she hates gets the same treatment as the guy who adores her. What a message!

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