New Year, New Boyfriend?

The New Year is all about leaving any bad habits behind, and starting fresh. While most of us base our resolutions on a healthier lifestyle, we tend to neglect re-evaluating our love lives as well. If you are having some doubts about your man, here are some clues that you should let him go come the New Year.

1. You criticize him often
Sure, those little quirks may have been cute at first, but if his bad habit of biting his nails or not cleaning up after himself is getting on your last nerve, it may be time to move on. Yes, his habits may be repulsive to you, but if they’re not harming you, or him in any way, you should be able to let him be. If you can’t move past these annoyances, end it.

2. You don’t trust him
Do you second-guess everything he tells you? Do you find yourself wanting to snoop through his phone? Do you get a sinking feeling anytime he talks to another girl? If so, it’s time to call it quits. No relationship will ever be successful without trust, so save yourself the paranoia and anxiety, and just be done with it.

3. You argue all the time
Arguments aren’t necessarily bad for a relationship. In fact, they can be extremely healthy. But if you find that you spend most of the time fighting with your man, to the point where you’re both yelling and screaming, it’s time for the both of you to move on from each other.

4. You don’t feel like a priority in his life
He always seems to make plans that don’t involve you. He’s too busy to call or send you a text. He always seems to be out with his friends, and barely spends time with you. If this sounds like your relationship, it’s time to say sayonara. If a guy really cares about you, he will find the time to spend with you and include you in his life.

5. You hated his Christmas present
Throughout the holiday season, you kept dropping hints on what would make a great Christmas gift. Some may have been out of his price range, so you made sure to include some affordable options. But when it came time to opening your present, he gave you something COMPLETELY random. Even if your guy may not have the funds to get you diamond earrings from Tiffany’s, something thoughtful would have been just as good. But a random present most likely means he doesn’t know you well enough, or just didn’t put the effort to think a meaningful gift through. And let’s face it, you deserve better than that!

6.  You don’t enjoy sex with him anymore
If you feel like you’re going through the motions, and are having to fake orgasms, it’s time to end it. Sexual chemistry between you and your partner is a very important aspect of your relationship – it helps you to stay connected and maintain intimacy. If you are having problems in the bedroom, these will most likely affect other aspects of your relationship too, and it will all go downhill from there.

7. You catch him checking out other girls
Yes; men can have a wandering eye, but if it only happens once in awhile, don’t be worried. If you saw a drop-dead gorgeous man walking by, wouldn’t you turn your head to get a second look? But, if your man seems to be creepily checking out women all the time, this is a red flag, and you should probably let him go.

8. You’re more into what he can do for you, than you are into him
He takes you out to romantic dinners. He buys you flowers. He drives you home, even if you live an hour away. Sure, this sounds like the perfect guy on paper, but if you only like him for these reasons, then you shouldn’t be with him. If he couldn’t afford to take you out all the time, or buy you lavish gifts, would you still be into him? If not, spare him the trouble, and politely end it.

9. You’re not attracted to him
¦and not just physically, but personality-wise as well. If you just don’t feel that spark anymore, chances are, it won’t come back.  

10. You don’t feel yourself around him
If you feel like you’ve become a different person while being with him (and not in a good way), it’s time to dump him. Your significant other should complement you and help you grow as a person, not hold you back and change you for the worse. If this is the case you definitely should consider the New Year, New Boyfriend mantra!

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