Summer Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas

Summer’s here. Or at least the temperatures are working in our favour. And well, who wants to sit in an ice cold movie theatre or a stuffy restaurant on a date when there are loads of options that take your dates into the outdoors ¦ and out of hibernation. We’ve compiled some fun date ideas to get you outside:

1. Water sports in the city
Find out where you can rent a canoe or kayak or if you’re feeling adventurous – a sailboat – for an afternoon and enjoy the water. You’ll get some exercise in too, not to mention some sun.

2. Walk
Ok, the idea’s not novel, but explore a new park together and get to know a different side of the city. 

3. Picnic
Guaranteed you know of a few places for a good picnic if you think about it. If not, find a spot along the beach, in a park, or maybe a great undiscovered rooftop and take in the view. Pack some snacks, drinks and your set.

4. Day at the Beach
Who doesn’t like to spend the day or a lazy afternoon at the beach? Toss some sunscreen, a volleyball in your beach bag and head out the door.

5. Active
For you athletic types, why not throw on a pair of runners and go for a light jog together and explore an area of the city you haven’t before. Grab a coffee or a frozen yogurt on your way back.

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