Stay Sane While Single

If the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City taught us anything, it’s that single life is the high life. Carefree and guilt-free, the focus is on you “ and your overstuffed closet isn’t complaining. The world is yours for the taking and time is all your own “ jet-off to Paris for the weekend on a whim; focus on getting ahead in your career; or volunteer for a worthy cause.

Whatever you chose, take advantage of your independence one stilletoed step at a time. Here are some tips to living the sweet life of a single gal:

Stay social

Be open to meeting new people, and make your mark on the social circuit (being single doesn’t mean being a loner). Throw on a micro mini, gather your girls and head to the new hot spot on a weeknight. And keep your activities diverse and cultured: with live music, art openings and gallery tours. Expand your circle of friends (and not via Facebook requests). Join a book club, a ladies league, or house volleyball team. And say yes to dates, no matter the first impression.

Spoil Yourself

Embrace your inner material girl “ you have years yet to invest, save and scrimp. For the moment, indulge in the sport of shopping; go for regular manicures; sign up for a year of Pilates (or better yet, a hunky personal trainer). If you have the means to look and feel your best, now is the time. No need to justify why you deserve the Balenciaga, you just do! A word of sober sartorial warning: opt for classic, high end pieces that can stand the test of time (few budgets can fit bags and babies).

Take off

Being on your own allows you flexibility and freedom to do “ and go “ as you please, so take this time to travel. Quick trips to New York or Montreal make great shopping adventures with your girlfriends and let you switch up the social scene. Go all out and plan an exotic mid-winter getaway to the Costa Rican rainforest or book a backpacking tour of Southern Thailand “ who knows what (or who!) you’ll discover.

Work it
It’s tough to put in overtime at work when someone is waiting for you at home, so focus on your career when the only person you have to answer to is your boss. Invest some time to make an impression: stay late to finish that report or join in on apres-work cocktails. Soon you will have way more responsibility than just your job, so concentrate on your career while you can. 

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