Standing Out in the Crowd

We all want some recognition. When you find yourself in a situation where your are competing with others for attention, a promotion or a job, you need to take some extra steps in order to stand out. Be careful of tired desperate attempts and instead use these helpful tips to get ahead of the crowd with your dignity still intact.  

At Work
In order to impress your boss you need to kiss-ass without looking like you are kissing ass. This is most effectively done subtly, in the small details. Have a deadline? Hand in your work a day in advance. When the clock strikes 5, don’t run out the door, instead finish up some last minute tasks so that things run smoother the next morning. Your boss will start to catch on. Once you’ve got their attention, start to escalate the sucking up by going the extra mile on assignments and pitching new and interesting ideas. They’ll soon see you are enthusiastic about your job and real team player. When it comes time for a promotion your name will be first on the list because plain and simple, you work hard. They key is to not all-of-a-sudden turn on the charm, otherwise they will see you just want the pay increase, that is why this method works best over time.

At a Party
To be the life of the party you must perform these key tasks. If you succeed you are sure to stand out. Wardrobe is essential, check the dress code beforehand and make sure that you are just slightly overdressed. An accessory that gets people talking like a hair piece, statement necklace or some to-die-for shoes will have everyone asking where you shop. Posture and eye contact give off a sense of confidence, and someone who is self-assured attracts others to them. Get the boys on your side by flirting a little with the single men in attendance, they will be at your beck and call for the rest of the night when you need another drink. And lastly, stay away from controversial conversations like the debt crisis or war. People just want to enjoy themselves, try discussing J-Lo’s recent break up or the Bachelorette finale instead.

During an Interview
Group interviews are the devil. They are a way for lazy employers to kill two-three or four birds with one stone. But, if you have to endure one, you better hope you stand out. Here’s how to go about doing that. You can pretty much guess how your competitors will answer questions, with the same cliché© interview style that everyone does. Instead, be different, make your answers honest and unique. If they ask what your strength and weaknesses are, add some charm by giving some real examples and add some comedy to lighten up the tense atmosphere. They will see that you are a people person and also fun to work with. But, don’t go too far with the jokes, you don’t want to end up being the interview clown.

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