Social Media Oversharers: What NOT to Post on Facebook

You know that super annoying person on Facebook? The one who shares every single detail of her life to her adoring fans friends? Though sometimes entertaining, these Facebook oversharers or “self-promoters” can get so irritating that you just want to unfriend them or unsubscribe to their TMI updates.

And while some of us can clearly tell when we’re giving out too much info on the social networking site, others are clueless of what a nuisance they actually are.

So consider this somewhat of a PSA on social media etiquette – what you shouldn’t be posting on Facebook:

  1. Constantly bragging about your “accomplishments”

There’s nothing wrong with being proud and wanting to share your accomplishments with your friends. Things like scoring a new job or acing your final exam are grounds for some (humble) bragging, but keep things like how much weight you’ve lost (especially if it’s under 5lbs) and how much money you’ve earned (especially photos of your bonus cheque) off of FB.

  1. Showing off your possessions

We get it. You have a Louis purse, a Tiffany’s bracelet, and a new pair of Prada sunnies. But constantly taking pictures of your “luxury” items and writing out exactly what each item is and how much it cost (“New Prada sunglasses imported from Italy, $700!”) just makes you look superficial and frankly, will make you less likeable.

  1. Writing out every single detail of your love life on Facebook

Statuses like “OMG had the most totally amazing date at fancy restaurant with my new hottie tonight! Can’t wait to see you again xoxoxoxo” and photos of you and your bf making out are a no-no. Though it does provide some form of entertainment for your FB friends, it’s only because you’re making a complete fool of yourself.

Additionally, status updates about how your boyfriend cheated on you and you think he’s a lying scumbag who should rot in hell and how all men are assholes just make you look crazy.

  1. Posting way too many selfies

A buddy of mine once told me his biggest pet peeve is when girls continuously take selfies of themselves. “Do you honestly have nothing better to do than just take pictures of yourself all day?” he said. We’re all guilty of a few selfies here and there, but ladies, take note: too many (especially with duck face) are a major turn-off.

Also…it’s important to call out the “gym photo” offenders…especially those who post photos with captions such as “Booty is growing,” “Don’t mess with me, I can deadlift Xlbs” and “I HAVE ABS!”. It’s clear you’re trying way too hard, and will often make people wonder if you’re even working out, since all you seem to do is post photos of yourself while you’re at the gym.

  1. Statuses about how amazing/wonderful/incredible your life is:

When people see things like “My life is awesome! New outfit, amazing 3-hour workout, awesome dinner date with fine cuisine, travelling to Cuba in two weeks and ginormous tax refund! What a great day!” on their newsfeed, they WILL get annoyed. I’ve actually seen someone thank her “fans” (not friends) for their support…

What are some of your biggest social media oversharing pet peeves?

Author’s note: Though it may be amusing to creep on these oversharers (I’ll admit, I’m guilty of doing this sometimes), it’s clear that there’s a bigger issue at hand. A study conducted at York University found that people with low self-esteem and narcissistic tendencies were the most likely to use Facebook to “self-promote”. A lot of oversharers use Facebook for self-validation, or to feel better about themselves, which at the end of the day, is pretty sad. If the oversharer’s posts are annoying you, unsubscribe, and if you find that you’re only keeping the person on your friends list to mock her, unfriend.  

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