Signs You’ve Been Single Too Long

Being single can be a good thing. It gives you time to focus on things that don’t always get attention when you’re dating. It helps you reflect on your life, your goals, where you want to be in five years and what kind of relationship you’d like to be in. However, sometimes being single for too long can start to affect your personality or habits. Worried you’ve been single too long? Check out these signs.

Cyber-stalking your ex-boyfriend
Do you have your ex-boyfriend’s profile saved in your favorites? Do you spend time typing your ex’s names into Yahoo and Google to see what pops up? Is all your time spent checking Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace for updates on your ex boyfriends? You’ve been single too long.

Your spices are alphabetized
And your canned goods are all labeled with their expiration dates. You’ve started clipping coupons and have created a filing system for them. Extreme organization is a sure sign you’ve been single way too long. If your books are organized by color and height, call a friend and go to a movie.

You’ve turned into a slob
This is the opposite of alphabetizing your spices. You’ve stopped loading the dishwasher, hanging up your clothes, making your bed, and doing other household chores. Your apartment has begun to look as if a single guy lives there. This is fine if you’re normally not concerned with these things, but if this behavior is out of character for you, you’ve been single too long.

You don’t miss a chance to complain about being single
No matter who asks the question “ the cashier at Walmart, your mother, your secretary, the bus driver “ you immediately launch into a tirade about being single. How hard it is to find a decent man, how bad all  men are, how difficult it is to be a career girl and find a man “ whatever your chief complaint about being single is, you unleash it at the slightest provocation.

Developing really bad eating habits.
You may have never been a gourmet cook, but when you start to eat all your meals standing over the sink, and those meals become something even a homeless person might turn up their nose at, you may have been single too long. Eating cold beans out of can, subsiding on macaroni and cheese with a side of mustard, having so much takeout in your fridge you could probably open a catering business, are all signs you need to get out and meet people.

Lowering your standards.
You begin to think about dating every guy you see. Your mailman, the cable man, that homeless guy you give a dollar to every morning. If your dating standards have sunk to a new low, you need to get out and do something fun. The opposite can also be a sign of being single too long “ if every guy you meet has some fatal flaw that rules him out as a possible date, ever, your singleness may be becoming a problem.

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