Relationship Problems: Redflags or Hiccups?

You’ve found your way into a relationship and all seems well but for a few bumps and hurdles here and there. You see them as hiccups along the way, but when you chat about it with friends or family, a worried look seems to be mirrored back. So, how can you tell if the bumps and hurdles you are experiencing are in fact hiccups every relationship goes through or if they should be marked with giant red flags?

Yes, listening to friends and family is really important. But at the end of the day, no one knows your relationship like you and your significant other. So take an inventory of how you feel about a situation or an incident. Everyone reacts differently to things so live up to your own standard, though not always easy. If you feel like you can move on and not bring up the issue or problem again, then move on and label it as a relationship hiccup.

No one ever wants to admit to these. But if you notice your friends and family are all singing the same song and the feedback you are getting is consistent from them, pay attention. It’s not a coincidence. Sometimes when you are in the throes of a relationship, emotional blindness takes over and it becomes difficult to see things for what they are. Or sometimes we begin to accept things we wouldn’t have normally. Your friends and family will likely remind you of this. Try to take stock of how you feel when an issue arises. If you feel insecure, uneasy or belittled, make some changes.

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