Q&A with Miss Advised Star Emily Morse

If you’ve never heard Ms. Morse’s podcast, Sex With Emily, you’re missing out some seriously helpful (and often hilarious) sex talk. The multitalented lady started her hot and heavy career answering people’s sex questions on the web. Now, her witty and intelligent advice is well known all over North America. We just can’t get enough of her. Thankfully, her book, apps, and podcast offer the sexual knowledge that keeps on giving. Who doesn’t need more of that?

We chatted with Emily about her new Bravo show, Miss Advised, her life as a sexpert, and her top sex tip of the day.

29: How does one become a sexpert?

EM: It started from the keen interest in sex and relationships – why they last, why so many don’t last. From there, I just started interviewing people about sex and relationships and I read every book on the topic, so I was really self taught. I started my podcast 7 years ago and it got really popular. I hosted a live show on the CBS radio, and then I just got more and more questions from listeners.

Now, I’m getting my doctorate in human sexuality. But it started out as more exploratory then it evolved into me becoming a sex expert and my passion just never wavered. There are endless things to learn about it and everyone’s interested in it and it’s always changing. The science of it fascinates me.

29: How did it feel to date on TV in Miss Advised?

EM: To be honest, I’ve been doing my radio show for 7 years and I’m just very comfortable talking about my life. Having the cameras there was a little overwhelming, but, I have to say, I’m very comfortable in front of the camera. I know its cliché© to say, but you kind of forget it’s there. I was able to focus on my date, to get into the moment. I don’t know how to explain it, because I know my co-stars didn’t always feel the same way.

29: What kinds of advice can a reader expect to find in your book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight?

EM: It’s divided into 4 chapters “ teasing, playing, entwining and exploring. It explores everything from flirting to bondage, making out to twists on the missionary position. It really covers the gamut. Dressing up, fulfilling fantasies, how to focus on different body parts. I honestly don’t think we left anything out. It’s full of so many beautiful illustrations and we took real pictures of people having sex. I think a lot of people have trouble initiating different things in the bedroom, and this is the kind of book you can open to any page and say let’s try this tonight.

29: What erotica would you recommend for readers into sexy lit?

EM: I’d say Rachel Kramer Bussel “ she writes a lot of great books. You’ll like her if you liked 50 Shades of Grey. I really like old school stuff. The Story of O by Pauline Reage, Women on Top by Nancy Friday. I’d also recommend Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield, it’s kind of like a smart woman’s guide to BDSM.

29: How can your kegel camp iPhone app help women have awesome sex?

EM: It’s not only for women, it’s for men and women. Guys never think they can do kegel exercises, but they can. For women, it helps make for stronger orgasms. The PC muscles are like any other muscles, they need to be exercised. And women know this “ but they just might not remember to do those exercises. My app has a reminder function you can set, then it’s my voice walking you through it for 5 minutes. It’s like structured exercise. It moves up 30 levels. My first edition only had 10 levels, then people started contacting me saying they wanted more. So people have a lot of fun with it.

I have another app that just came out last week “ Emily’s sex drive. You can choose a 5 day sex drive or a 30 day sex drive and each day you get a virtual envelope suggesting something to try out with your partner that night. You can choose if you’re feeling vanilla or spicy, and each proposition is tailored to your choice.

29: What’s your tip of the day for girls who want to have awesome sex?

EM: I’d say to communicate. Communication is lubrication. Women need to tell partners what they need in bed. They need to take responsibility for their own orgasms. It’s not your partner’s responsibility. Everybody is different, you can’t expect your partner to know. If their last girlfriend was able to be turned on by a certain way, that might not do anything for me. Talk about what turns you on and where you want to be touched. Tell him, and don’t wait.

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