Life as a Third Wheeler

“How did I get myself into this?” You ask yourself as your friend and her beau get all nice n' cozy in front of you. Maybe all your friends bailed on poolnight or this is just one of the misfortunes of being the single best friend. But somehow you've ended up as the third wheeler. Being a third wheel can suck, and almost no one does it voluntarily. But before you decide to run for the hills, here are some ways to make the best out of an awkward situation.

Try to connect with your friend’s beau

Not in a romantic way obviously, but on a friendly level. Did he watch the last episode of Game of Thrones? What does he do for a living?  If you try hard enough, you might find a topic you’re all interested in. And who knows, suddenly it might feel like a regular night out with some friends.

Do an activity

If you know ahead of time that this third wheel situation is happening, be strategic. Do an activity you can all partake in so there are less chances of your friend and her boy to get all lovey-dovey. Play some pool, cosmic bowling, the possibilities are endless!

Accept that there will be PDA

As much as you probably want to crawl under a rock and die, accept that couples will be couples and do what couples do – PDA. If you feel a “moment” coming between your friend and their significant other, walk ahead of them or linger in the background until the moment has passed. I pray that you’re not hanging out with a couple who is still in the “honeymoon phase.” Couples who have been together longer, seem to be a bit better with self control. Either way, if the moment comes, that would be a good time to whip out your phone and update all your social media accounts.

Joke about your current situation

Break the ice by poking fun at your awesome, single self. But please, there is a very fine line between joking around and starting a pity party. That’s a surefire way to make the situation even more awkward. No one wants to hang around someone who just puts themselves down. Crack a joke, continue being awesome and move on.

Take advantage of their significant other’s network

This step is optional and is only for women who are single and looking. Take advantage of their significant other’s network for hot and eligible bachelors. Suggest that the next time you guys hang out, that he invite one of his cute friends. And lo and behold, you have a date for next time and you are no longer a third wheeler!  That being said, being single is pretty damn great, bask in it for as long as you like. If you are happy in your singleness, rock on sister.

Know when to leave

If the night is winding down, things are getting slow, that may be the perfect time to leave the couple to themselves. If at any point during this third wheel date you realize your friend and her new toy simply can’t keep their hands to themselves, get out of there. There are no amount of cocktails that can make that situation any better. Don’t be afraid to call it in early if you need to.

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