Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

If life were perfect, we’d have all the time in the world to scour for the perfect birthday gift for our friends and lovers. Unfortunately, the Gods of scheduling don’t always allow this. Birthdays often creep on us before we’ve even managed to think about gift-buying. For those times, here are some heartfelt last-minute gift ideas to save you. 

Baking Mixes
For foodie friends, gourmet baking mixes are a total treat. If your neighborhood grocery store doesn’t have any pre-made sets, you can put together your own in the time it takes to run to the store. Grab some gourmet cocoa powder, quality chocolate chips, nuts, food colouring, whatever your pal digs most. Toss them in a basket with a ribbon and ta-da. 

In the digital world we live in, having pictures printed feels like a luxury. We don’t often do it for ourselves, as much as we say we will. Print out some snapshots of your happiest memories with your friend and splurge on a frame or two for them. 

Art kits
For crafters, having an art kit is a seriously fun creative outlet. Most craft stores have drawing sets stocked with quality charcoals and pencils, scrapbooking materials, stationery sets etc. An art kit is a one-stop-shop for creative expression. 

Your favourite book
Sharing your favourite read with someone you love is always a heartfelt move. Grab a copy with a funky bookmark.

Who doesn’t want to fill their apartment with cool exotic potted plants? They’re not typically something you buy for yourself, but they do wonders for breathing life into rooms. 

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