The Keys to Moving on from a Relationship

Letting go of a relationship is hard to do. Songs have been written about it. Movie plots based on it and chances are, you have experienced the feeling once or twice.

Despite the commonness of the experience, we all seem to have a degree of trouble actually doing it and often find ourselves trapped between second guessing our decision to leave a relationship, ruminating and just plain feeling bad.

While the process of letting go can take some time, there are strategies you can look to to help make it an easier process.

First things first, experts in the area say recognizing that you need to let go of something “ a person, an idea, a particular future “ is the first step to getting past it. If you aren’t willing to let go or don’t understand its importance, you’ll be hanging onto it longer then you need to.

Making a decision that based on layers of emotion is tough. We all get it. But do what you have to do to get there. Maybe you need time alone. Maybe a trip away helps give you perspective or perhaps hashing out things with friends gives you clarity. It doesn’t matter how you get it, but once you land on clarity, hang on to it. Remember that feeling of ˜knowing’ and when you find yourself in weaker moments, go back to that place of being sure.

Stay busy doing what you love to do. When you’re busy, you’re keeping your mind occupied too so the chances of you wondering about ˜what if’s’ are limited. It’s a great time to pursue a hobby or discover a new interest.

Finally, the key to all of this is staying positive and keeping your thoughts focused on what lies ahead instead of what was in the past.

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