6 Creative Projects to Start with Your Friends This Summer

Your most motivated, creative, and social summer starts now! Get your crew together and create something awesome. Here are 6 ideas. 
Jam sessions
Start a band. Seriously. Sheezer, Sluts on 45, Army Girls – a few of the many bands who bring some serious girl power to the local music scene. If you've ever dreamed of rocking out on stage, what better time than NOW to make it happen? Don't let your 20's pass you by without getting on stage with a mic in your hand if that's something you've been aching to do. Don't have any musical talent? Make it a punk band and perfect your howl.
Start a blog
Do conversations with your crew transpire into heated rants? Hilarious stories? Though-provoking questions bordering on the profound and prophetic? Of course they do! That, friend, is the stuff of a good blog. Make an editorial team out of your friends and start pouring your thoughts down in the digital sphere. 
Host a clothing swap
Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, clean out your closet, and cash in on your stylish pals' hand-me-downs. Sweet deal, non? Clothing swaps are a community-cultivating event that end up being way more fun than shopping. 
Start a zine
Zines have played a key role in many wave-making social movements through history: the Riot Grrrl era, Freeganism, and many punk rock / indie art scenes. Proudly amateur, usually handmade, and always independent, zines are a fun and artful way to record and share your thoughts. Doing it as a team makes 'em that much more powerful. 
Start a book club
Complete with potluck gatherings and discussion. Starting a book club can help you and your crew strengthen your bond, learn lots, and not to mention get super well read. It's also a most civilized way to spend a Sunday night. Need some book reccos to get you started? Check out our picks for memoirs every woman should read
Join the geocaching community
If your friends are outdoorsy types, geocaching is an outdoor activity that can add an element of conquest to a hiking or camping trip. Essentially a high tech version of a scavenger hunt, geocaching uses the real world as a playing field. Go onto the geocaching website, get some cache coordinates in your desired location, then hunt them down. Explore locations near and far, and challenge yourself.

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