5 Hottest FIFA World Cup Players

The FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in Brazil on June 12, but for us ladies, we have our sights set on something else…or shall we say, someone else. What better way to get into the World Cup spirit then to look at some hot guys? These men will likely be hogging much of the spotlight, not only for their talents… but… well, they're easy on the eyes!


Here's a look at the six studliest-studs of FIFA that capture our attention:


Gerard Pique

Name: Gerard Pique

Position: Defence

Team: FC Barcelona

Why We Love Him: This 27-year-old hottie is one of Spain's top three successful takers, scoring a 7-6 shootout at the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup. When's not bringing it on the field, he's spending time with his wife Shakira—Now that's a hot couple! The couple married in 2012 and have one child together, a son named Millan Pique.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Name: Cristiano Ronaldo

Position: Forward

Team: Portugal

Why We Love Him: Ohhhhh Ronaldo, need we say more? One of the most popular and talked about soccer players, he has over 60 million likes on his Facebook page and has a networth of an estimated $132 million, but that's not the only reason why we love him. Not only does he have game, he's got a sense of style that makes all the ladies fall to their knees. Who doesn't love a man who's got game on and off the field? That's why Ronaldo makes our list as one of the hottest men in FIFA.

David Villa

Name: David Villa

Position: Striker

Team: Melbourne City (On loan from New York City)

Why We Love Him: This Spanish hunk was the top scorer at the Euro 2008 and has earned the Silver Boot at the 2010 World Cup. He's also the first Spanish player to ever reach 50 international goals AND is Spain's all-time top goal scorer. Impressed would be an understatement—am I right, ladies? A man who isn't afraid to climb his way to number one definitely makes us sizzle.

Tim Cahill

Name: Tim Cahill

Position: Forward

Team: Australia

Why We Love Him: Well g'day mate! What girl doesn't love a hot Australian man who just happens to be amazing at sports? Cahill has become one of the highest profile players in the Asian Football Confederation, and has scored the most goals by any Australian in the World Cup. He's also known for scoring the majority of his goals with his head. Classic move Tim, I love it.

Iker Casillas

Name: Iker Casillas

Position: Goalkeeper

Team: Spain

Why We Love Him: Girls love goalies…and captains, obviously. This Spanish flame captains not only the La Liga club Real Madrid but the Spanish national team as well! In 2008 he was the captain of the Spanish team that went on to win their first European championship in 44 years. That same year he was nominated for the European Footballer of the Year award, ranking fourth overall. I would have voted for him, that's for sure.


Honourable mention! Although he's retired, we can't forget Becks:

David Beckham

Name: David Beckham

Position: Outfield

Team: England

Why We Love Him: Did you really think I was going to leave David Beckham out from this list? Think again. Despite his retirement, this gorgeous 6''0 superstar deserves to be on this list and has made a name for himself not only on the field, but off it as well. He was the first English player to win league titles in four countries: England, Spain, United States and France. He is also a world-wide fashion trendsetter along with his wife Victoria, together becoming the most powerful couple in the sports world. The list could go on forever, so I'll just stop myself. 

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