How to Spend Your First Single Valentine’s Day

While being single can be empowering, exciting and full of possibility, the holiday season spent alone sure can eat at your newfound confidence. Just when you think you’ve survived family interrogations at Christmas dinner and a disappointing New Year’s kiss, St. Valentine arrives to rear his ugly head.

Thanks to the powers of social media, your first Valentine’s Day spent single sure can feel miserable. Luckily, remembering that Valentine’s Day is merely a commercial holiday and is a day best spent with girlfriends, will empower you to embrace all things Galentine’s Day. That’s right, rather than sulking in sadness, we recommend planning a killer celebration with the girlfriends who have always been the loves of your life! Here’s how to spend your first Valentine’s Day single.

Host a girly movie marathon

You could watch sappy, unrealistic, romantic comedies with a boy who won’t understand their significance on Valentine’s Day… Or, you could watch all of your favourite flicks with your best girlfriends who will reinforce just how dreamy Ryan Gosling is in Crazy Stupid Love. Spend your Galentine’s Day hosting a girly movie night at home. For added pleasure, incorporate a drinking game every time the leading man apologizes for doing something ridiculous.

Attend a speed dating event

Keeping in the spirit of spirits, we suggest signing up for a Speed Dating event in the city on Valentine’s Day. Speed Dating, when done with a group of girlfriends who don’t take themselves too seriously, is a riot! We’re not encouraging you to make fools of yourselves in a room full of eligible bachelors, but be cool and casual in a supportive setting on Galentine’s Day. Go for a round of drinks with your girl gang following the Speed Dating session to swap stories about your new encounters.

Take a group kickboxing class

If you’ve still got some stress and aggression in your heart post-breakup, we recommend trying out a group kickboxing class on Valentine’s Day. We assure you, even if you and your girlfriends are newbies, you’ll leave the class feeling invincible! In addition to the health benefits of burning up to 600 calories in a single class, you’ll learn valuable self-defence moves and reap the benefits of having your body flooded with endorphins post-workout on Galentine’s Day.

Burn memories of old boyfriends

Remember the Friends episode where Phoebe, Rachel and Monica burned memories of their old boyfriends in their living room apartment? This cleansing ritual to ˜break the bad boyfriend cycle’ can actually be therapeutic if you’re newly single. This Galentine’s Day, round up old gifts, mementos and trinkets and toss them away alongside your girlfriends. Remember to play safe; this Friends episode ending in fire fighters coming to the girls’ rescue. Therefore, instead of a bonfire, try a shredder.

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