How to Talk About Yourself in a Job Interview

The fact that you have an interview proves your potential employers already thinks you're qualified. Now, they just want to get to know who you are. How do you talk about your strengths and weaknesses and sound confident? How do you not ramble or sound fake? How do you make yourself memorable? Here are a few ideas. 

Q. "Tell me about yourself"

A. This question puts all the pressure on you. It can be terrifying – but it's also full of opportunity. It allows you to set the tone for the rest of the interview, because you can offer some info that the employer will naturally continue the conversation based on. Make your answer 100% specific to the position. Present yourself in a way that the employer thinks there's no way they could even consider anyone else for the position, but be genuine! Sum up your most impressive education background and job experience in a couple sentences. Or you could say "Well, I Googled myself this morning and here's what I found." This takes the pressure off a little and puts your answer in internet-based fact.

Q. "What are your strengths?"

A. Don't be afraid to sound high on yourself. Your employers are looking for someone who's confident, not someone who's modest. This is business, and they want someone who's going to be able to get the job done right. Tailor your answer to the job description, and use dynamic words. If its a position that requires creativity, tell them you love solving problems in creative ways, and that you are full of ideas and motivation. If the position requires you to do a people person, tell them you have a knack for connecting with anyone.

Q. "What are you weaknesses?"

A. Be honest, but don't mention any essential skills needed for the position. Your employers aren't looking for someone who's perfect, but someone who's self aware, and has taken steps to improve their weaknesses. Explain something you "used to" be really bad at, but have conquered or are actively trying to improve and how you're better for it now. Tell them you expect a lot from yourself, so you expect a lot from others and people might think you're demanding, or that you're highly critical. Don't say "I can't" or "I hate." 

Q. "Why should we hire you?"

A. This is your chance to be really genuine. After you've bragged about your job and education experience, tell the employer that above all, you're excited about the position, you're willing to pour your heart and soul into it. It doesn't hurt to add that you're a quick learner and willing to do whatever it takes to pick it up. If this happens to be a creative gig, bring along a list of ideas you've prepared for the company. Even if they're not what the company is looking for right now, showing that you took the time to go above and beyond what was required for the interview proves you're a keener and willing to work hard. It will also give them something to remember you by.


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