How to Really Love Yourself This Winter

Rather than torture yourself with a bunch of unrealistic New Years resolutions this winter, take a personal vow to love yourself just as you are. Your mind, body and soul will thank you. Here are a few fun ideas for feeling great in your own skin

Challenge yourself. Treating yourself right isn’t just about indulging in things that feel good in the moment. Massages and pedicures are all well and good, but doing things that give you a lasting glow from the inside are much more satisfying and have way longer lasting effects. Been putting off a personal challenge that seems too hard or scary? Do it now and do it right. Whether you’ve been wanting to kick a bad habit, break up with a toxic friend, or start a new job, make today the day you begin. By yourself a journal, track your progress and be your own biggest cheerleader, feeling great about every little step. 

Nip stress in the bud. Over committing yourself is a surefire way to wear yourself out. Do you really want to end every work day drained, uninspired and angry with everyone who asks something from you? Drop the commitments you don’t truly want in your life. Then give yourself more fully to the others. If you thrive on a busy schedule, just make sure you pencil in me time with the same deliberateness with which you pencil in work meetings. 

Laugh more. We don’t mean melting into the couch and turning on Louis C.K. after a grueling day at work. This isn’t the quality laughter that will make you truly happy. Spend time with your most happy go lucky pals or family members, even if all you can commit to is a phone call or Skype date. Chatting with good friends has a way of wrenching you out of a crappy mood in a way that you just can’t do alone. 

Drop the word failure from your vocabularly. Consider your past mistakes learning experiences instead. Literally rewrite them the way you want to view them in order for you to benefit from them now and in days to come. Picasso said mistakes were lucky if you know how to use them. Put your errors to good use by focusing on what you learned in the past and how you’re a better person for it now. This way, there is such thing as no wasted time, and far fewer reasons to feel bad about yourself. 

Stop worrying about your weight. Think of all the time you may have spent worrying about food and how much better you’d feel about it if you had used it to apply yourself to something that actually truly meant something to you. Turn it around now. Don’t let your whole day / mood be dictated by what you did or didn’t eat, and don’t weigh yourself obsessively. It’s so crazy-making, even if you don’t struggle with your weight. Eat what you like, and do it mindfully. That way, you’ll never regret it. 

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