How to Maintain Long Distance Love

You met by some crazy planetary chance and you fell in love. Not any ordinary kind of love but the kind that leaves you floating and without a worry to hang your hat on. The problem is, not only is the commute to see each other a killer, it’s downright inhumane. You live here and he lives there and well, there’s an entire city, perhaps country that separates you two most days, but with determination, you’ve agreed to give it a go and see how you manage the distance. So, how do you do it and live to tell the tale?

1. Keep in Touch
Do whatever it takes. Skype. Text. Phone calls. It doesn’t matter but if distance keeps you both apart more days then not, do what you have to do to reconnect in whatever way you can. With a multitude of technological options out there, seeing each other, doesn’t have to be reserved for a weekend every now and again.

2. Tell it Like it is
Don’t be shy about how you feel. Without the benefit of seeing each other more regularly and being able to read and experience actions, you have to rely on words. So, do your best to remind the person when you can of exactly how you feel and when you feel it.

3. Make Sure you Get a Life
Just because you may be dating someone in a different city or country doesn’t excuse you from stepping up and building a life for yourself and encouraging the other person to do the same. Go out with your friends, join things that interest you and continue doing fun things with your life

4. Make a Plan
Are you serious about this relationship? If so, know that it’s challenging to keep a long-distance one going for the long term, so take the time to sit down together to figure out how you are going to make it work. Does one move closer to be with the other? Having a plan keeps you hopeful and comfortable knowing the relationship isn’t going to eventually stall out.

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