How to Let Him Know You Want to Make It Official

Letting your guy know you want to make your fling official is just a matter of assuming “girlfriend and boyfriend roles” before they’re labeled as such. From there, that official relationship status will fall into place. You can make him feel like it “makes sense” that you make the relationship exclusive by putting these 5 sneaky tips into action. He’ll be all yours before you know it.  

Let him have his way.
Men like to have control of relationships. You’re not compromising your girl power by letting him pick the restaurant, you’re making him feel like he’s calling the shots thereby making him feel like the man in the relationship. This ensures that he’ll want to do things for you because he will want to keep feeling like the king. 

Let him help you.
Stroke his ego a little by asking to help you with something around you house, or tell him you can’t make a decision about without his opinion first. The more manly the task / more important the decision, the better. These things are typically associated with with things you get your boyfriend to help you with. Let him feel like like he’s the number one man in your life you call for assistance.

Do things for him.
Offer to help him with an errand like tasks that involve standing in lines for a long time, or cleaning his place after a party. Random tokens are especially nice. Bake for him the next time you go over, just because. What man doesn’t want a batch of home made cookies delivered to his door? This is super girly, and if baking isn’t your bag you can think of something else more “you”, but the point is, it’s a nice gesture. 
Be there for him. That means don’t wait hours on end to text him back just because it’ll make you look busy. Show him you can be his go-to girl and he’ll treat you like it. 

Forget playing hard to get.
When you’re with him, let him know you’re into what he’s saying. Be enthusiastic. Don’t hide that you totally like him. At this point, you’re way past playing the games you play during dating. Don’t try to make him jealous by talking about other guys or looking at other guys. Let him know, with your actions, that you’re not going anywhere. 

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