How to End Your Relationship’s Dry Spell

We’re all aware of what I call 'the single girl dry spell.' As most stories go, you break up with your boyfriend and suddenly you go weeks and sometimes months without having sex. During that time, you can’t help but notice that itch you begin to feel — that hunger to be physically intimate with someone again. And then BAM, it happens and you return to the sex goddess you once were. The end.

But what about the dry spell that sometimes occurs in relationships? It’s easy to assume that every young couple is getting it on the regular, but that’s not always the case. Not only do dry spells happen in relationships, they’re also more complicated because the lack of sex is sometimes rooted in problems found in the relationship. If you and your man find yourselves in the middle of a dry spell, here are some tips and tricks to bring your sex-y back.

Communicate with each other 

Address any problems you're having in your relationship whether they're financial, personal, work-related or all of the above. These problems could be the wall preventing you and your partner from having regular and enjoyable sex. But until you break that wall, prepare yourself for a dry spell as dry as the Sahara.

Spice things up 

Sometimes dry spells start as a result of boring vanilla sex. The solution to this can be as easy as trying a new position,  incorporating a sex toy or playing out a sexual fantasy through roleplay. Keeping things same ol' same ol' can get boring real fast. If you like to keep things fun and exciting in other aspects of your life, you need to take that mindset to the bedroom.

Flirt regularly 

There’s nothing sexier like playing a little hard to get. Being a little tease will drive your man wild and awaken your lust for each other.

Rekindle the romance

When was the last time you and your beau went out on an actual date? And no, cuddling in your matching onesies and rewatching Breaking Bad on Netflix doesn’t counts. I’m talking about getting dressed, going out on a nice dinner and maybe checking out that art show you've been dying to see. Rekindling that romance not only brings the fun back into your relationship,  but it will also strengthen it — which will inevitably help break this dry cycle.

Let's get physical

Build the sexual tension by teasing your senses. Get physical with your man, without actually having sex. Removing sex from the equation can take away the pressure, especially if you haven't done it in a while. Just think, when was the last time you guys just made out? Or gave each other a hot massage? Now’s the chance! Not only will this help you reconnect with one another, but it will also help restore intimacy in the relationship. 



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