How to Avoid First Date Disasters

We all have that one date¦that one completely awful, terrible experience that always comes to mind whenever someone mentions going on a bad first date. No one likes them and we all know you’d do everything in your power to avoid them if you could, right? Well now you can, thanks to this handy list we’ve compiled of all things WE do to avoid first date disasters. Kiss awkwardness goodbye ladies, it’s great dates from here on out!

1. Choose the right location
The right location for a first date is absolutely key. Obviously you need to be going somewhere public (just incase he turns out to be a crazy creep) and somewhere with dim lighting (just incase he turns out to be a total troll) but you also don’t want to head out to a bar or restaurant that is so loud you can barely head yourself think, let alone hear your date talk.

2. Keep it simple
First dates should always be as simple as possible. Don’t plan an extravagant dinner and a walk in the park until you know for sure that you are actually going to be able to stand spending a good few hours with that person. First dates are best kept to an hour or so of light convo over a coffee or a drink. Done and done.

3. Don’t be late
Nothing will set a first date off on the wrong foot like being late. No matter how nice that person seems to be about your tardiness, your lack of effort will make a lasting impression. Always be 15 minutes early. Even if you have to sit in your car until 30 seconds before your due to arrive.

4. Avoid R.P.M.
No, we’re not talking about the super awesome cycling class they offer at your local gym, we’re talking about the three BIG “no-no’s” to discuss on a first date — religion, politics, and marriage. You want a date to go from stellar to sucker in seconds? These topics will get you there. Trust us.

5. Don’t overdrink
Nothing spells a first date disaster like drinking so much you end up in your date’s bed the next morning. Stick with a single bevy¦.or better yet, skip the booze all together.

6. Have an escape plan
Even when you plan everything down to perfection, there is no guaranteeing that your date won’t be a dud. Always ensure you have a backup plan (such as that devoted friend who will call with an “emergency” that requires you to leave RIGHT AWAY) so that you can duck out early, if need be.

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