Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

We’ve all endured them, but few know what’s really the cause of dark circles under eyes. Luckily, in an attempt to make sense of the way we look after lacking sleep, we’ve done our research to find out what causes dark circles under eyes and what we can do to avoid it. So lose sleep no longer. (See what we did there?)

Cause: Low Iron
How to avoid it: Bulk up on fresh greens, red meat and supplements
Since women are already at a higher risk for anemia, we’re unfortunately also predisposed to dark under-eye circles. Since iron deficiency means not enough oxygen is getting to the body tissues, you become paler (and fatigued “ but believe it or not, that’s unrelated). To ward off this particular cause of dark circles under eyes, beef up on lean meats, dark leafy greens and supplements. And if you’re concerned that your body’s still not absorbing nutrients properly, take Vitamin C regularly to boost absorption “ after you visit your physician, of course.

Cause: Age
How to avoid it: Don’t age! Kidding. Unfortunately, as you age, your skin tends to become thinner and lose elasticity. But by taking care of skin “ through moisturizing, SPF protection, drinking lots of water and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol “ you’ll ward off under-eye circles a little bit “ or much “ longer.

Cause: Sun Exposure
How to avoid it: The evils of UV cannot be stressed often enough, but when it comes to the cause of dark circles under eyes, the sun “ once again “ is a culprit. Because sunlight prompts your body to produce more melatonin, your skin’s given more colour and will darken. Unfortunately, that also applies to any existing under-eye circles, so to avoid permanent damage, bulk up on SPF, wear a hat and avoid tanning no matter how tempting.

Cause: Rubbing Eyes
How to avoid it: It’s hard to avoid rubbing your eyes during allergy season, but doctors have proven that excessive rubbing or even scratching your eyes is a cause of dark circles. Because skin under the eye is incredibly thin, it’s easier to dilate blood vessels, which causes bruising. To avoid this, a) do not rub your eyes and b) talk to your doctor about the best way to ward of allergy symptoms. Rubbing your eyes can also introduce bacteria into the eye itself, so it’s a habit to avoid regardless.

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