The Holiday Party Morning After Guide

Too many spinach phylo pockets, wine spritzers and expectations? Tis the season for indulgence. The holidays is all about going a little bonkers when it comes to partying – it would be weirder if you didn’t overindulge. So don’t get down on yourself. Just make sure the first couple hours of the next morning are as restorative as possible. You’ll be ready to party again by nightfall. Here’s how.

Hydrate. Head splitting when you wake up? No wonder – alcohol zaps your body of moisture and even a small case of dehydration can cause a big headache. Water is your vital energy, and drinking it flushes out the toxins in your bod. When you wake up, chug as much as you can handle. Add some lemon for an alkalizing kick.

Refuel. Even if you stuffed your face until the crack of dawn the night before, eating a solid breaky within 2 hours of waking is crucial for kick starting your metabolism. If you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll keep feeling sluggish all day and whatever you eat later on will just sit in your stomach like a brick. An ideal breakfast should have all the food groups. Aim for a protein, a fruit, and a grain.

Get your blood flowing. The idea of going for a run might make you want to barf right when you rise. You don’t have to break out your best workout gear, but get moving a little and your endorphins (your body’s natural pain inhibitors) will make you forget your hangover – at least for a little while. A brisk walk in the fresh air or some yoga (hot yoga rules for sweating out toxins), with some heart pumping tunes will take your mood from zero to hero.

Be productive. Make a list of things you want to do for the day, and do it. Even if it’s wrapping a few presents and making a batch of cookies, it will feel so much better than dicking around aimlessly all day and feeling like crap. Plus, having some hour-to-hour goals will take your mind off the terrorizing you did on your liver.

Treat yourself. Isn’t it weird how quickly “my stomach and head feel like crap!” turns into “my life sucks!”? It’s a cruel trick of nature the brain plays on us when we’re hung over. Hangover days are days to be kind to yourself. Promise yourself you won’t let yourself think any negative thoughts (including torturing yourself about what exactly happened last night). Offset them with some self esteem boosting activities. Give yourself a pedicure or a facial, or clean out your closet and do a personal fashion show. You go girl.

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