Holiday Must-Haves for Your Hubby

You are the best wife ever. No, you totally are. But let’s be serious girls, we can’t all be mind readers and sometimes, even the best wives can’t for the life of them figure out what it is their husbands really want for the holidays. And that’s where we come in.

Here is our list of the top five, no-fail-husband-approved gifts for 2013.

Beer Club Membership

You want to talk about the gift that keeps on giving? Sign your guy up for a one-year membership to a beer club that will see 12 hand selected beers from around the world arrive on his doorstep each month. He’s not into beer? Try a Wine Club, a Coffee Club, or even a Jerky Club. Visit for more details on all these amazing experiences and more.

Beer of the month club


Whether he’s into ball chasing or car racing or guitar stringing, getting your guy tickets to his favorite sporting event or concert or something else he is dying to attend, is always a perfect gift. Getting him amazing seats? Even more perfect. If you can, don’t skimp out on this one, it could be a gift he’ll talk about for years to come.


Serious Power Tools

There are power tools, and then there are power tools. Don’t get them mixed up, ladies. Head to your local hardware store and pull aside one of the experts in the tools section and have him spend some time pointing out some of the hottest new gadgets on the market and the “must-haves” for men this coming year. Because let’s be serious, we all know there is nothing a man loves more than showing off his tools…

Power Tools

Something cheesy

You are totally allowed to get your hubs one gift every holiday that can be totally over-the-top-lovey-dovey-adorable-kinda-stuff. And the best place to find exactly that these days is on Etsy. Whether it’s a guitar pick telling him you “plucking love him” or a t-shirt exclaiming that “this guy loves his wife”, this is the place you’ll find it. Remember though, you only get one of these each year. Choose wisely.

Cheesy gift

Anything Apple

Between the new iPhone 5S, the new iPad Air, the laptops and desktops and every imaginable gadget in between, this is definitely set out to be another holiday season full of “fruit”-ful giving. We promise if there is anything under the tree with a shiny silver apple on it, your hubby will be a happy, happy man.  

ipad gift

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