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Read His First Date Body Language

Telling body language clues

In the Eyes

In telling whether a man is burning up for you or just lukewarm, its all in the eyes. Of course, prolonged eye contact is a serious sign of interest. If he looks you directly in the eye as you talk to each other “ or, better yet, during quiet pauses “ he likely finds you interesting and alluring. However, if his eyes are looking over your shoulder, down at his lap or around the room he could either be lying or looking for a way out. Another thing to look for is dilated, enlarged pupils, which can signal physical attraction. However, drugs and alcohol can also cause dilated pupils so be sure not to confuse one too many glasses of wine with heated desire. 


How close your date sits to you can say a lot about his level of interest as well. If he stands close to you in the popcorn line at the movie theatre, he is probably finds you at least likable. However, if he appears to be keeping his distance, he either finds you “ or your perfume “ unattractive! Even if you are grabbing a casual coffee together at Starbucks, leaning towards you with his elbows on the table can suggest that he is interested in what you have to say. However, just because your date is leaning back in chair as opposed to forward doesn’t mean he finds you repulsive. It could mean that he is feeling laid-back around you, which is always a good sign!

Perfect Posture

The way a man carries himself can reveal a lot about his personality as well as how he is feeling. If your date stands with his chest out and his shoulders back, this could be an alpha male-type instinct to try and win your favor. However, if he stands with his arms crossed, he may be feeling angry, disapproving or closed off to any emotional connection. Unless he is otherwise happy, smiling and funny, crossed arms are rarely a good sign. Likewise, if he stands with slouched posture, he could be feeling shy and uncomfortable. While this just be first-date nervousness, beware guys with low self-esteem.

Head Position

The tilt of your date’s head may not seem like a very revealing move but this subconscious sign can suggest what he might be thinking. A slight tilt down and to the side can suggest either sympathy or flirtation. If he lips are tight while he does this, he may be feeling sorry for you. If he is smiling or his mouth is slightly open, he may be being flirtatious or coy with you. However, if his head tilt reminds you of a confused puppy, he probably is.


By far the biggest, most obvious sign of attraction is accidental touching. Whether this means playing footsy under the table, brushing your hand as you pass the salt or holding your arm as he helps you out of a cab, gentle physical contact says that he is more than just into you “ he probably wants you!

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