Which Hairstyles Are Out this Season?

With celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence stepping out with wild new haircuts, we are even more reminded that it's out with the old and in with the new. We already know which hairstyles are on trend this season (the pixie!), but let's examine the ones that are far from it and frankly, that we wish would just go away already! Find out which hairstyles have been dethroned this season.

Hairstyles Out This Season

The Pompadour

We know Snooki popularized it, and everyone found it hilarious, but much to our dismay, real people actually still sport this look. Yes, it's true! The beehive on top of your head could not be more out this season (and hopefully forever!). If you’re thinking of styling your ‘do é  la Snooki – we beg you to reconsider. Instead, go for a messy ponytail. Or, if you're daring enough, go for the pixie cut that Hollywood has become obsessed with these days. It seems to be working for just about everyone – including our two favourite Jennifers!

Perfectly Coiffed Chignon

While the classic chignon will never fall off the radar, this season’s variation calls for the messy look. Stay away from smooth, perfect, not-a-hair-out-of-place styles, and opt for wild and adventurous instead. This look couldn't be simpler to create. It works with nearly any hair type and is yet another fabulous way to conceal a bad hair day. Yes – a hairstyle that requires minimal effort and can be mastered by just about anyone is on trend. We're so excited! The perfect chignon was really cutting into our morning snooze time!

Extreme Ombré©

While ombré© and dip-dyed ‘dos are still vastly popular, the severity of it has changed. Celebs are opting for more subtle contrasts to give the hair a more natural appearance. Avoid drastic colour changes and keep the ombré© effect closer to the bottom of your hair. Most of your hair should be the darker shade and the ends should be slightly lighter. Aim for a style that looks elegant and almost-natural rather than funky. Think Jessica Biel and Gwyneth Paltrow. This is definitely one of those looks where the "less is more" motto couldn't be taken more seriously!

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