Headin’ for the Love Getaway

So the time has FINALLY come. You are your beau are finally discussing that next big step in your relationship¦the one every girl dreams of and dreads in equal amounts. It isn’t easy finding the perfect pick for your first couple’s vacation and the pressure to make it as amazing as possible is intense! Sure, it might seem easy to hop into a travel agent and book the next all-inclusive to Mexico or the Caribbean. But do you really want to spend you vacation on a beach with 300 other couples? Not likely¦

So where can you go when the idea of beaches and booze no longer appeals? You can go right here¦

Niagara Falls
Well it isn’t the honeymoon capital of the world for nothing. Picturesque views combined with uber-romantic, dimly lit restaurants and countless hand-holding-appropriate excursion make Niagara Falls the perfect spot for a super ooey-gooey, ultra lovey-dovey first vacation together.

If you love hustle and bustle (and a whole lotta shopping!) than the shining lights of New York City could make the perfect first vacation for you and your man. Ideal for both short or long getaways, in NYC you can see the sights, meet the people, gorge on delicious meals, shop to your hearts content, and catch some of the most famous acts in the world, all at whatever pace you so desire.

British Columbia
Even adrenaline junkies need to get away¦so if you and your man fell in love across the CrossFit floor or attached to the end of a bungie cord, considering a location like British Columbia for your first vacay is a definite win. Aside from a world famous ski resort and a plethora of beautiful climbing peaks, B.C. offers up equally romantic ventures, like wine tasting.

Nothing can solidify your bond with your man quite like sleeping in a 16-person dormitory where you share one bathroom with an entire floor, right? Luckily, there is also nothing that can bring the two of you closer than standing face-to-face with some of the worlds most historic, iconic, and in some cases romantic (Eiffel Tower anyone?) landmarks in the world.

You + your man + a log cabin in the woods? Um, we’re pretty sure we don’t even need to go into any further details about why this would make the perfect first vacay with your guy.

Don’t ever assume that just because your finances won’t allow a trip half way across the world that you can’t still have an awesome first getaway as a couple. Sometimes it can be as simple as renting a hotel in the closest major city for the weekend. Eat out, have a few drinks, and dance the night away as if you were anywhere in the world but your own backdoor.

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