Habits of Happy Couples

Everyone knows happy couples, and while sometimes there happiness can be annoying, you probably find yourself sometimes envying their, well, happiness. The good news is that, if your relationship is solid and healthy, there is no reason why you and your guy can’t be a happy couple, too. Try engaging in some of the behaviors below, and before you know it they will become your (happy) habits.

Focus on what’s right 
It is so easy to focus on what’s wrong with your guy, especially if you have insecurities yourself. It is also just common nature to focus on what’s wrong (watch any sitcom and see how funny it is to criticize your guy. Not so funny to him, though.) Think about how kind, thoughtful, funny, smart and good-looking your guy is, and why you are lucky to have him. Make sure he focuses on these characteristics about you, too (make a list and trade it one night.) This is one happy couples’ habit that will ensure your love lasts.

Develop common interests 
Happy couples do things together. It is perfectly fine and even healthy to have separate interests, but try to find one thing you enjoy doing together. Hiking, antique hunting, cooking or sky-diving, it doesn’t matter what you do, just do it together. Taking an interest in something outside your relationship will help you keep an interest in the relationship.

Say good morning and good night  
Not only is this polite, it is a way couples have of not taking each other for granted. Take the time to say good morning before rushing off to work; take the time to say goodnight before you turn out the lights. These habits let each of you know that the other is thinking good thoughts, wishing a good day and a pleasant night for each other. What could be happier than that?

Hold hands 
It’s an inoffensive display of affection between couples, and it makes you feel good about each other. Holding hands is human contact, and also says to the world “ look, we’re together and we’re happy about it! Don’t rush around making your guy trail after you, or vice versa. Take the time to walk side by side and hold hands.

Hug a lot 
Don’t reserve touching each other, especially hugging, for intimate moments or as a prelude to sex. Happy couples hug hello and hug goodbye. Hug before dinner and after breakfast. Hugging is like holding hands “ it’s a warm, good feeling, a way of connecting without words, and well worth becoming one of your habits.

Check in 
Don’t go the whole day without speaking. Happy couples check in with each other, whether it is a quick phone call, text or e-mail. Yes, everyone gets busy, but are you ever really too busy to make a call that’s important to you? Make checking in with each other important, too, until it becomes one of your habits.

Be happy  
This may sound ridiculous, but as the saying goes, most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Be happy with each other “ smile, laugh, create private jokes and secret hand signals. Happy couples look forward to seeing each other and think about ways to make each other happy. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

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