Guidelines For Texting Your Crush

Oh, the wonderful world of texting. It can make us sublimely happy, it can drive us bonkers, (did that even send? Have I made him wait long enough?) and we probably all spend a lot more time thinking about it than we care to admit. Texting your crush is no simple task. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when sending those messages.

Give a little, take a little

Keep the ratio of questions / answers even. You may feel more comfortable or confident asking fewer questions. Keep your answers short enough that they peak his interest, but long enough that they’re actually useful and you get your message across. 

Quality, not quantity

Don’t send super long texts. No matter how important it is, if it’s going to take up 3 screens, he’ll see it and think “wow”. Wait til you see him next or talk on the phone next to tell him.  In general, texts should be pithy and intriguing. Leave the important stuff for phone conversations or face to face. 

Be yourself

To make sure your texts are all awesome, they have to be honest. That means don’t think about them too, too much. Usually, the first thing that pops into your head after reading a text is the most honest. Don’t stray too far from your initial reaction upon reading his. 

No daring jokes

Be your witty and lighthearted self in your messages, but know that humour doesn’t travel well via text. Spare yourself the turmoil of sending a bold joke and not hearing back from him. If you’re really worried he might not get it, just don’t send it. The same goes for sexual innuendo. Keep it PG.

Don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about time

Avoid making any self prescribed time limits, like making him wait double the time he waited to text you back. That’s just a crazy-making game that will result in you living your life from text to text. This can be super hard when you like someone, but you owe it to your sanity. It’s the real contact that matters most, right? 

Remember that girls have a different relationship with their phones than guys

How many guys do you know that text their friends for fun and entertainment? Probably not many. Guys texts tend to be all business – the where, the when, etc. Keep that in mind when you’re disappointed if you don’t get the response you were hoping for. 


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