How to Know if You’re Really in Love

Is it love or lust? Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? That first rush of falling for someone can be confusing, as your swirling emotions can lead you to think he’s The One when he’s really just Another One. Physical attraction is a big part of love, however, so it’s no wonder a girl can get confused. Anxious to figure out if you are really in love or not?

You feel good all over.
And, no, not just that way. You feel happy when you and your love are together, serene, confident, and cherished. The sound of his voice on the phone makes you melt, the sight of him walking in to view makes you smile. When you are really in love you don’t test each other, make each other anxious, or build a relationship around fighting and making up. Does he make you feel jealous, insecure, or unattractive? No matter how good the sex is, that’s not love.

You both want the world to know.
When you are really in love you want everyone to know it. You may find yourself talking about your boyfriend a lot (okay, maybe too much), but that’s okay when you’re in love. You want the whole world to know how great he is and how happy you are. This doesn’t mean you are bragging about how great the sex is (okay, maybe you are), but everything else about him is great, too. If your relationship is secretive or something you never want anyone to talk about (or even know about), you’re probably not in love.

The world has changed.
Everything seems to make you happy when you are in love. Traffic on the way to work gives you time to admire flowers by the roadside. Crabby co-workers make you smile because if they were in love they’d be as happy as you. A long wait at the doctor’s office lets you clear out your texting in-box and you feel so organized now! When you walk around in that fuzzy cloud and catch people smiling at you for no reason, you’re probably in love. As they say, all the world loves a lover, and you reciprocate that feeling!

You know you can be yourself.
When you are in love you want to look great, of course, but you don’t feel like you have to be someone you’re not. You may touch up your highlights and get a manicure, just as he is probably shaving closer and maybe even ironing his shirt (okay, let’s not get crazy) but you don’t feel an obsessive need to be sexier, smarter, or thinner than you really are “ you know he’s as much in love with the real you as you are with him. And if he makes negative or mean comments about the you, or implies you need to change to keep him around, it’s definitely not love, and you deserve better!

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