Get Your Sex Life Out of the Deep Freeze

Our joie de vivre may plummet a little during the wintertime, but does our sexual desire diminish as well?

As the days get shorter, and light levels are lower (in the fall and winter), the brain’s pineal gland secretes more melatonin, which inhibits sex drive and influences sleep and energy levels. This phenomenon is commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and may manifest itself as fatigue, depression and an increased appetite, in addition to libido loss.

Needless to say, the winter can really get us into a romantic rut. The opposite holds true during the sexy summer months, according to a survey on the romantic social network Zoosk.  74% of Canadians who completed the survey said they find themselves in the mood more often during the summer months, while 57% say they go out with their partner more during the summer because there are more inexpensive outdoor activities and they have more free time.

So how do keep our sex lives out of the deep freeze during the winter? There are a wealth of things to do in winter that can get your blood pumping, but it may involve some creativity and effort-and above all, a winter-positive attitude. 

Its so hot, in the hot tub!

Take a dip in an outdoor hot tub or hotspring. If you have your own hot tub, get busy in the bubbly! But if you don’t, check yourself into a hotel or a spa that is equipped with one, and let it get you into a frisky frame of mind.

Try: The Spa Package at Queen’s Landing, Prince of Wales, or Pillar and the Post hotels, all located in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Snuggling by the fireplace

Again, if you own your own, this should be a no brainer. Light a bundle of wood in the fireplace, snuggle up, and watch the sparks fly. If you don’t, ski resorts or outdoor skating rinks are a great place to find them.    

Try: Harbourfront Skating Rink at the Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West in Toronto. It’s free to skate, and only $7 to rent a pair of skates. Go skating with your sweetheart, and then relax by their outdoor fireplace to unwind post-skate.

Couples Massage Class

Take a massage class and learn how to give an excellent (and potentially stimulating!) massage to your partner. This is a guaranteed turn on, and an excellent way to connect with you significant other.

Try: A Couples Massage Therapy Workshop at Ymt.Me. Sign up HERE

Visit a sex store, or attend a sex-themed workshop together

Check out the various toys and sexy stuff to get inspired and get ideas to spice up your sexy time or register for a sex-themed workshop.

Try: Come as You Are, located on 493 Queen Street West in Toronto. There are workshops of a variety of sexy topics ranging from tantric sex workshops to how to talk dirty to your partner to how to use sex toys. Register HERE

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