Dating Trends For 2023

By Shira Karney

There’s an art to dating. It seems the secret to it is understanding your individual needs, and being able to communicate them with honesty and kindness. Why settle for anything less than what we know we want? That’s the name of the dating game: being clear on what you want; to yourself and to those lucky enough to date you. Here we highlight three of the top dating trends for 2023 that thrive with self love.


‘Hardballing’ is a term coined by Hinge relationship scientist Logan Ury, who defines Hardballing as “Being clear about expectations of a relationship, whether it’s a serious long-term partner or a casual fling”.

Through the lens of self exploration, one must ask why they should invest time and energy into something that they know is not for them? Why put effort into something that you know is less, or more, than what you want? Although it may have a harsh ring to it, and bluntness can be painful (be kind when being honest, it’s possible), it’s best to not waste your time, or theirs.

Dry Dating

For a variety of reasons, many people have changed their personal relationships with alcohol, making ‘Dry Dating’ a favorable new dating trend. If drinking is something you vibe with, great! Have some wine or a few shots with a lover, but maybe consider waiting until they actually become a lover? People are exploring the dating pool by feeling out connections without the hazy effects of booze. Need liquid courage to go on the date? Maybe this date doesn’t make you feel comfortable and secure. Note that. Beer goggles helpful? You deserve to genuinely find the person you’re with attractive, and they deserve that too. Do you only want to sleep with them when tipsy? We’ve all been there, but the intimacy of sober sex may be a different experience all together.

You do not have to dry off alcohol completely for Dry Dating; it’s just to help get a genuine feel for a person and situation before continuing on.

Open Casting

In simple form: ‘Open Casting’ is expanding your horizons on the dating scene. Opening up to dating people who make you feel good rather than fitting into a category or ‘type’. Bumble has reported over 52% of people in the dating scene are expanding their dating horizons, keeping to their standards while not being so singular or picky.

It’s great to know what you’re attracted to. In fact it’s very important to find your partner attractive, but we realize that focusing solely on a bias can A) limit our opportunities and B) possibly dismiss other needs that are important in long term relationships.

Open Casting isn’t about changing your preferences or “type”, but adding more to it. This way, you get a hot partner who also meets your emotional needs!

Honesty and sincerity, towards yourself and the people you’re seeing, seems to be the common connection across these dating trends. We are healing our wounds, catering to our needs, and bringing that into our dating life.

Some of these conversations may be difficult at first, but are usually not as scary as they are built up to be. In fact, this level of honesty and kindness often calms other people’s nerves, and they reflect that same kindness back.

Next time you are getting ready to hop back into the dating pool, remember that you deserve to have your wants and needs acknowledged and met. Try something new, be clear about your intentions, and take your time feeling out the vibes.

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