All in the Aroma: A Guide to Candle Scents

You wear colours and clothing that flatters you, and in the same way, it’s important to choose candle scents that work with your personality and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you can’t burn a variety of scents “ but some may work better in certain rooms, situations or at different times of day.

Find the right scent for the scenario and you’ll feel everything fall right into place (just like finding a great top in the right shape and fit for you!)

Vanilla: Sweet and innocent, vanilla is reminiscent of sugar cookies and everyday happiness. Although it’s sweet and fragrant, it’s such a common scent that it’s almost neutral. Vanilla is a great everyday scent for candles around the house. It can say you’re a little traditional and very welcoming. Other scents you might like: raspberries, strawberries, fresh linen.

Lemon and citrus: Good morning! Just like a squeeze of lemon in your water, lemon candles are energizers. They’re associated with cleanliness and positive energy. Avoid burning your favourite citrus candles too close to bedtime. Other scents you might like: fresh air, sea spray, rain.

Lavender: If you have a high-stress job or just too much going on in your life these days, light up a lavender candle. Lavender promotes stress relief and you’ll find yourself calming down and feeling more peaceful. If you’re a kick-back-in-the-tub before bed kind of girl, lavender might be the perfect scent for you. It also says you’re probably pretty level-headed. Other scents you might like: bergamot, roses, gardenias, peach.

Mint: Just like citrus, mint is an energizer. However, it also embodies a freshness like no other (like toothpaste and gum!) In aromatherapy, mint signifies everything from love, companionship and relationships to inspiration and intuition, so if you’re looking for a candle for your home office or anywhere else you hope to be inspired, mint might just be the ticket. Other scents you might like: citrus, rosemary, basil, peppermint.

Cinnamon: Those little cinnamon hearts you get at Valentine’s Day have nailed it “ cinnamon’s associated with different aspects of relationships, like love, companionship, affection and adoration. It’s the perfect bedroom scent. Even if you’re single, it can bring out feelings of protection, harmony and wellbeing “ all good elements in your own personal oasis. Other scents you might like: ginger, nutmeg, allspice.

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