Fun Fall Date Ideas

Autumn is a very romantic time of year, with the cooler weather calling for time to be spent outdoors. The nights are cooler but the days are still warm enough to play outside, and fall is just brimming with fun things to do on a date. Searching for some fun and romantic fall date ideas for you and your guy? Try some of the fall dates below.

Fall is a great time of year to search out bazaars, antique festivals, outdoor concerts, Oktoberfests, and more. This can be a fun date because the two of you can discover what you do (and don’t) have in common, whether it is a love of dark beers, old furniture or indie music. Do a quick internet search to see what fall festivals near your home will make a fun date.

Something scary
Fall brings Halloween, of course, and what could be a more fun date than grabbing onto each other in fright? A haunted house, a spooky amusement park evening, even a night spent watching a horror-flick marathon is a fun date with plenty of opportunity for snuggling up, even if it’s just to hide your eyes!

Orchards and Pumpkin Patches
Whether your date is for picking out prospective jack-o-lanterns or searching for the perfect apples for pie, this can be a very romantic and fun date. Put on your fuzziest sweater and sip some cider or mulled wine as you hold hands and look through nature’s bounty. If either (or both!) of you like to bake, you can take your findings home and warm up together in the kitchen (oh, and bake something, too.)

Hay ride
Not just for children, this fun date can also be romantic if you schedule an evening hay ride. Snuggle down in the hay with a blanket and go for a ride under the stars. This is just as romantic as a carriage ride through the park, with more of a country touch to it.  You may also be able to find a haunted hay ride, which just adds in opportunities for grabbing on to each other on this date.

Plan a romantic picnic with plenty of fall foods, including apples, pumpkin pie, spiced cider, and a terrific bottle of red wine. Hiking or a stroll through the park can add to the fun of this date, as fall is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature before winter strikes. Don’t forget to bring a blanket in case it gets too chilly (or for other reasons.)

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