Five Reasons Why Guys Cheat

He loves you. He swears it. And he’ll never do it again. He swears it. But in your mind you can think nothing but one thing: “why?” Why did he run into the arms of another woman? Whether for one night, a string of nights, or a few months worth of nights, it doesn’t really make a difference at this point. He’s cheated and you’ve found out. But “why?”

There are a million different answers to that very loaded little question, but unfortunately there does often tend to be some common denominators in why men cheat. And here are just a few:

To boost their egos
His boss thinks he’s an idiot, you think he’s getting fat, and his buddies think he’s gotten boring. Your man’s ego can take a lot of hits and sometimes the temptation of that gorgeous, young beauty at the office, the one who pays him soooo much attention, is just too much to handle. Proving that he can seduce her (or just about anyone else) will do wonder for his pride but will likely be the demise of your relationship.

To get revenge
You did it, so why can’t he? You slipped up, he found out, and the only way for him to deal with it was to run into the arms of the next willing female around. We don’t need to tell you that this type of revenge rarely mends a relationship (nor will it usually make him feel any better about the situation) but this guy is clearly not the forgive and forget type.

Your sex life isn’t as exciting
You don’t feel like dressing sexy anymore, you don’t want to try new things, or you just don’t want to do it altogether. These things happen as a relationship grows and while airing out their frustrations would be the logical (and honourable) choice, we all know guys aren’t exactly great with words. Long story short, if he’s not getting it from you, he’s probably going to start looking for it elsewhere. Try and remember how fun sex can be and make sure that you continue to make it a priority in your relationship. You will BOTH benefit from it!

To see if he can get away with it
You know that incessant competitive streak that your man has that you can’t stand? Well here’s another reason. Cheating is like a game and some men love to see how far they can push the boundaries before they break. Double the odds if he has buddies who cheat on their significant others and haven’t got caught. Even the most devoted guy in the world can have a hard time turning down a challenge from their friends when the odds appear to be in their favour.

Because he’s a coward
He wants out and he doesn’t know how to get there. So what does he do instead? He flirts with other girls in front of you, takes mysterious, private phone calls but stays within earshot, gets texts in the middle of the night (and responds!), and disappears for days on end. This blatantly obvious cheater is looking to build up your suspicions to the point where you might as well find him doing the dirty in the bed you share night after night. All this just so he won’t have the guilt of breaking it off with you. Lame.

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