Find the Perfect Dinner Date Spot

Picking a place to dine with a date can lead to a surprising amount of deliberation. After all, the place plays a big part in setting the mood of the date. You want a space that’s nicer than your average diner but not too fancy, casual but not too boring, romantic but not too contrived. It can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re nervous already. Here are some pointers to help narrow your hunt for the perfect date spot.

Avoid bar atmospheres
If your dinner date is casual, bars can be great spots “ until the after work crowd pours in and turns the place into the party place-to-be. Bars are just a little unpredictable this way – you never know what the vibe is going to be like. Avoid having to yell over loud drinkers and music by forgoing the bar scene.

It’s a little lively
If you’re already nervous about your date, don’t make things even more nerve wracking by heading to a restaurant where there’s nothing happening in side. You’ll want to be surrounded by other patrons and music to make things feel more natural. People watching can be a good conversation starter, too. 

It’s not your all-time favourite spot
Your go-to spot is just that “ your spot. It’s sacred. Don’t risk sullying it with a memory of a bad date. 

It’s central
If dinner goes well, you might want to continue the night at a different spot. Pick a restaurant lose enough to other places you can stop for a nightcap or a coffee or dessert. Leave yourself some options for prolonging the date. 

It’s not an eat and run kind of place
Dinner dates are for lingering. You won’t want to feel rushed by hurried staff or a huge line of people glaring over you. Pick a place that doesn’t generally get too crazy busy around dinner time.

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