Instant Happiness: 10 Feel Good Tips

Happiness. It’s one of the number one things people value among love and money. Whether you just want to be “Happy” like Leona Lewis’ song or tell yourself everyday is a “Beautiful Day” like U2, sometimes you need other ways to lift you out of your bad mood and perk you up. Here are ten tips to instantly feel happy!

1. Listen to music
If you’re feeling down, music is the number one thing that can get you up! Plenty of studies have shown that pumping your favourite beats releases feel good brain chemicals: endorphins and dopamine “ which instantly makes you feel upbeat, relaxed and happy. So what are you waiting for “ press play on your iPod and start feeling good.

2. Take an exercise class
Much like music, exercising also releases brain chemicals including endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin “ a very important neuro-chemical that been contributed as an element of happiness. But instead of just exercising alone, take an aerobic class with other people because the likelihood of you releasing more happy chemicals will be increased when you’re with like-minded individuals also emitting the same chemicals.

3. Look at photos
There is nothing more uplifting than looking at photos that fill you with fond memories and nostalgic emotions of the past. Whether you’re looking at very old family photos or a digital collage, pleasant images have the power to take your mood from depressed to delighted “ all by stimulating your mind to remember those good times.

4. Eat foods full of antioxidants

We all know that eating foods with antioxidants helps us when were trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but eating right also makes you feel really good about yourself. So how exactly does it work? Well if you eat right, you’ll feel good and vice versa. So what’s better “ eating comfort food to make you feel comforted or eating blueberries and dark chocolate and feeling fabulous? I think you know the answer.

5. Go shopping
Enough said. Every woman (and men, although most men don’t like to admit it) agrees that retail therapy can make you feel instantly happy and suddenly make all of your stress disappear. Although its not suggested to go shopping every time you’re feeling low, going to your favourite retailer and treating yourself with even just one item will lift your spirits and make you forget about whatever downfall you’re going through.

6. Clean-up your space
Maybe this tip is prompted from the practice and system of Feng Shui or my desire to be a casual neat freak, but cleaning up and reorganizing your quarters can make you feel less crowded “not just figuratively speaking. By simply decluttering your space, you are also decluttering your mind from negative thoughts and inviting only clear and positive thoughts to enter in.

7. Watch or go to a comedy show
We always hear that laughter is the best medicine for any ailment that takes over our life, whether it’s the flu or a breakup, and this still remains true. Laughing is not only an expressive action to show our joy and delight in a hilarious situation “ it also lets us take a moment away from our reality and genuinely enjoy ourselves by laughing at a fictitious or real situation about another person. Although it sounds mean it’s all in good fun and often comedians and comediennes enjoy sharing the things that go on in their lives to make other people feel good about themselves.

8. Meditate
There is nothing better than taking a few minutes for you and just sitting in utter silence. No cell phone, no television “ no nothing. Meditation is perfect for reducing stress because it helps you clear any taunting negative thoughts and let’s you focus on your mind and body. Find a meditation technique that works for you and try and to practice it at least once a day so that your stress level stays low.

9. Give yourself a mini makeover
We’ve all seen the power a makeover can have in our favourite chick flicks and although beautifying ourselves will not instantly get rid of all our problems, it definitely makes you feel good in the moment! Getting dolled up is the perfect momentary distraction to our woes and lets us truly feel beautiful about who we are. And who knows, maybe you’ll feel so good after the glam session that you’ll pick yourself up out of your bad mood and go out. It’s a win-win situation!

10. Talk to your favourite person in the world

Sometimes you need to press pause on your life and just talk to someone about what you are going through. The person can be your mom, your coworker, your brother or your best friend “ but whoever it is, you know that you can rely on them to be a trusted ear that will listen to what you have to say without judging you. And sometimes the only person you trust is the person looking back at you in the mirror: you. Start an audio diary or journal to express your feelings and see how good you’ll feel about yourself once you start writing things down.

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