Does Your Guy’s Wardrobe Need a Tune-up?

As girlfriends, we do lots of things for our guy (and vice versa). But if there is a universal truth about most women, we will have to give our man a mini-makeover at some point. And for the most part, usually guys are on board with this (since it’s safe to say about 80% would rather get a root canal than spend an afternoon in a mall). Sure, you love your man just the way he is. But that Ed Hardy tee he sports to Sunday dinner? It’s got to go. Or that Wrestlemania trucker hat he insists on wearing? Not so much. If your guy is in need of a major wardrobe overhaul (or just a simple tune-up), here is how to do it without wounding his ego.

Step 1: Break the Bad News
Telling your man he looks like an ex-con, college frat boy or male gigolo isn’t easy. In fact, breaking the bad news is the hardest part of getting your guy to dress better. Explain to your man that you love him for who he is but that an updated style could help improve his career, social life, self-esteem, etc. Try to get him excited about having a new start!

Step 2: Raid His Closet
As you and your man clean out his closet, try to learn a thing or two about his style. Does he cling to his holey, worn-in jeans? He would probably like comfy, relaxed denim with some distressed details. Can’t bear to part with that misshapen knitted sweater? He might like a cozy cardigan instead. The other plus side to tossing out piles of old clothes is that now he has to buy a new wardrobe.

Step 3: Learn From the Pros
The key to a successful style makeover is developing a vision of what your end result will look like. If you can’t get your guy to open up a copy of Vogue, try FHM or GQ. Get him to rip out pages of celebrities, athletes or models wearing outfits that he likes. He will be much more willing to admit that he likes blazers when he sees James Franco rocking one on the cover of Esquire.

Step 4: Take Notes
Next, look at all his photos and identify some trends. If all of his selections have a tougher, rock star vibe or if Pharrell Williams keeps popping up in pastel polos, take note. Try to narrow down his desired style to a few phrases such as sleek, clean lines, classic rock-inspired or yacht club preppy. This will give you both a focus and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Step 5: Shop ˜Til He Drops
If the word shopping has your guy curling up into in the fetal position, spread your spree over a couple afternoons as opposed to making it an all-day ordeal. Also, try not to bombard him with too much at once. Hint at things that you think he might like as opposed to throwing them at him with a demanding, Buy this! Most importantly, don’t force him into anything he doesn’t like!

Step 6: Stroke His Ego
When your man steps out of the change room looking amazing, tell him! Use words like handsome and sexy – not cute. Likewise, the day your guy decides to debut his new look, be sure to shower him with praise. Remind him of how gorgeous he looks and tell him that you are proud of him for being so willing and open-minded¦ even if he wasn’t.

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