Dealing with the Bride(zilla) to be

It’s that time of year: Reese Witherspoon, Leanne Rimes, 24 year old Crystal Harris set to marry 60 years her senior Mr. Hugh Hefner, and on and on. People love love over the holidays. So, did anyone in your life just pop the question: Will you be my maid-of-honor? If so, start preparing.

Say yes to the dress and everything else
Unfortunately you will have to contract the disease to please. You will have to say things like, yes, I’ll wear pink taffeta, yes I can write out all of those wedding invitations, and of course I can throw you 4 showers. Anything else? It doesn’t matter how obnoxious the request you will have to tilt your head, muster up a side smile, and say of course. The good news, after enduring the wrath of a bridezilla you have granted yourself the privilege of saying remember that time I did that for you as well as secured the right to register to your store-of-choice for your next birthday.

Save your sanity by seeking support
It’s about time PW ( had a sister site that offered a forum to swap horror stories non? If it already exists please write in. In the meantime, hit you your friends for encouragement and shoulder massages. More often than not close friends that aren’t caught up in the wedding drama love hearing about it. Especially your single friends “ whether it’s because they have decided they never want to get married, or secretly are envious that so-and-so is tying the knot before them “ they will make for a great soundboard. Don’t run your mouth too maliciously though, remember “ she is your best friend.

Your friend is in there, promise
Ok, so it feels like she has disappeared and you are starting to forget why you are friends in the first place “ your best friend is underneath the layers of satin, lace, and flower arrangements, promise. Have faith. Understand that for the next however-long-the-engagement, it is going to be all about her life, her wedding, her future husband, her unborn children. Breathe and know that once the big day is over, she will call you and ask how your day was (well, after she tells you all about the honeymoon).

Is my dress too white?
Do you think the rhinestones glued to the stems of the floral arrangements are too Gotti? Can you believe that bitch put her bridesmaids in turquoise, when I said that was going to be my colour in junior high during science class? Yes, these are all of things you are going to hear her say, multiple times. You will soon realize that when under the pressure of planning the day she has been waiting for her whole life that she’s, ahem, a self-absorbed, spoiled brat, who’s sudden obsession with her cyber friends on project wedding has got you wondering why she didn’t ask one of them to be her maid of honor. 

DISCLAIMER: Not every bride is like the above, but they do exist, admit it, you pictured someone you know didn’t you? Don’t feel bad.

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