How to Get Up the Guts to Ask Him Out

So you’ve got a mad crush. And you’ve waited and waited…and waited. But nothing. He hasn’t made a peep. So what is a girl to do?

Let’s be serious, sometimes dudes just take too long. Sometimes they really are just totally clueless. Sometimes a girl just has to step up to the plate. But *gulp*…how are we supposed to go about doing that without making a total fool of ourselves? Like this…

Read his signs

Lingering eye contact, touching you when you talk, randomly “running into him” in some of the oddest places. These are all signs that this dude is into you. Sometimes it is hard to establish, if he doesn’t go right out and tell you, whether a guy is actually into you or not. Wage and gauge his signs. The more evidence you have, the more confident you’ll be.

Wear something awesome

Whether it’s your favorite pair of skinny jeans, a gorgeous LBD, or even just your favorite pair of yoga pants, make sure you gear up for the “asking day” by breaking out an outfit that you feel absolutely stunning in. Nothing makes a girls confidence shine like an outfit that makes her feel like a million bucks. And you know what? Even if he doesn’t say yes, imagine how good it’ll feel to walk away looking like that?

Prepare your speech

Sure, he might find it cute and endearing when your cheeks go a little red and you stumble over a word or two but standing there and staring at him blankly because you didn’t, at all, prepare what you wanted to say to him, is a recipe for disaster. Balance out the cute and the confident by writing out what you want to say to him and rehearsing it enough to sound sure of yourself but not enough that it sounds rehearsed.


This might be the perfect day to go for an afternoon yoga session or a long stroll to clear your senses and center your focus (on him!). It might seem tempting to slug back a glass of wine before the big moment but we’d probably suggest against this. Slurring doesn’t normally come across as confident.  

Find the perfect moment

If he’s a coworker, you hardly want to walk up to him ten minutes before a super important meeting, just like if he’s a local bartender, you wouldn’t prance up to him during the busiest part of his day. Pick your time with him sensibly and when he seems his most relaxed. That is when he will be best able to focus on you and all your awesomeness.

Be okay with the outcome

Be ready to accept him, whatever his answer is. Even if he does turn you down, keep up that killer confident charm. It will do nothing but let the poor soul know what he’s missing out on. You’d be surprised how fast they can change their minds.

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