Date Deal Breakers

We all have our own little quirks that the opposite sex finds cute, weird, or just plain annoying. But there are some behaviors that are really date deal breakers. If you are dating a guy who displays any or all of the following habits when you’re on a date, consider finding someone new. (And if you see yourself in any of these, you may want to rethink your own behavior.)


He’s having more fun with someone else. If you are out with a group and your guy is flirting, laughing and maybe even touching another girl (for example, placing his hand on her arm while they talk), that’s not a good sign. If he is more interested in someone besides you, he should be dating her, not you. Plus, it’s just rude.

He’s got a messy car. I’m not talking about an empty Starbucks cup or a receipt or two. I’m talking full-blown messy: empty fast-food containers, unknown substances spilled on the floor (or worse, the console), and a strange smell emanating from the back seat. If he has to take a few minutes to clean off the seat for you every time you ride in his car, tell him to clean up his act.

He doesn’t pay his share or borrows money. You shouldn’t expect your date to pay for everything every time you go out. But if he never seems to have any money, that’s a problem. He shouldn’t be asking you out on a date if he can’t afford to take you out on one. Deal breaker!

He texts or talks to others on his cell phone. This is the rudest behavior of all. If your date takes time out to laugh and talk on the phone while he’s out to dinner with you, tell him to knock it off. The same goes for texting!

He drinks excessively. It’s fine to have a few drinks, but there is nothing worse than being on a date with a drunk. It’s dangerous if he’s driving, too. If he becomes a slobbering drunk by the end of each date, lose him.

He’s not chivalrous. He doesn’t have to pull out your chair or jump to his feet every time you stand up, but your date should show a modicum of respect for the fairer sex. Why would you date a man who doesn’t respect you?

He has bad hygiene. This can include things like bad breath, long fingernails or B.O. If you really like him, maybe some subtle hints will help him get the message (you could try making him an appointment for a manicure, or offering him some gum). Otherwise, just move on.

He’s rude. This often shows up as being disrespectful toward wait staff or others. He might think he’s impressing you, but there is nothing impressive about rudeness. (If he’s rude to you, please get up and walk away.) Having a foul mouth is another date deal breaker.

He talks about his exes or sexual conquests. If he is always bringing up the places he went and things he did with his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, he probably isn’t over her yet and you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. If he talks about other sexual conquests with you, please dump him. Now.

Hopefully these tips will help you decide whether he’s a keeper or whether it’s time to find someone new. Good luck, and remember: don’t settle!

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