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Creating an online dating profile can be annoyingly time consuming, but putting the effort in is worth it. The more time you spend making your profile a quality expression of who you are, the more likely you will be to snag a date you really click with. Once you get started putting together your profile, it can actually be a fun ego-boost. Here are a few pointers for coming off as an irresistible catch.

Don’t try to appeal to everyone

In trying to appeal to everyone, you’ll likely end up appealing to no one / fewer people. While you might think it’s the “safe route” to be broad ranging in explaining your interests, making your profile too general will backfire on you. You’ll appear boring. Assert your unique personality! Be very specific in describing yourself, especially if you’ve got some niche interests. (Hint, according to Okcupid, words like band, zombie, metal, tattoo and vegetarian are effective). You’re trying to appeal to a “you” kind of person here, not someone who wants a girl with zero personality.

Use humour sparingly

You want to get across that you appreciate humour and are lighthearted, but humour doesn’t often travel well over the interwebs. Especially sarcasm or dry humour. If you have to ask yourself “will they get this?” leave it out. An online dating profile isn’t a place to try to make your readers laugh. You want to get a date, not entertain people on the internet. Instead, mention a few comedies or actors that do it for you.

Be specific about what you’re looking for in a partner

Don’t just write “msg me if you like what you see!” or something like that. You can use this to your complete advantage. It won’t make you seem picky or high maintenance – it’s actually really helpful for other online daters to know this information. If you’re seeking a relationship, say it. If you want a fun casual fling, say it. List your deal breakers or must haves. Why not? You’re allowed to be picky.

Make your photos show your personality

The kinds of people you attract will identify with the activities you’re doing. Think about what you’d want to see your ideal partner doing in a photo. You’ll want one or two of you socializing, travelling in some cool location, maybe doing something adventurous if you’re into that. You want to show a few sides of your personality here. Keep them honest. If you’ve never wakeboarded in your life but have a pic of you looking hot holding your friend’s board, don’t include it. It’s misleading. (Do you really want to be turning down water sport invitations all summer?)

Have fun with it!

Ok seriously, who doesn’t love talking about themselves? You can totally use your online dating profile as an excuse to gloat about the most fun and impressive parts of your life. Pump yourself up shamelessly – you’ve never met any of these people before. Don’t lie of course, but you can use this opportunity to present yourself as whoever you want to be. When else do you get to meticulously plan out how you make a first impression?

Remember that an online dating profile is a constant work in progress

As you search through profiles, you’ll remember things you missed (favourite artists, shows, etc.) Feel free to be inspired by other profiles. Search through the girls and see what you like / don’t like about the way they come off, and decide how you can stand out from the rest.


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