Break Into The Social Circle At Your New Job

New jobs are exciting and overwhelming. You’re thrown into this brand new situation where you have duties to learn, a new space to navigate, and you’re trying to do it all without seeming like a complete newb. Making friends under these circumstances is really tough. So how can you break into the social circle when you don’t even know where the stapler is? Just take it slow. It’ll happen naturally. We promise. Here are some tips for starting off in the right direction. 

Find a buddy. Find someone you feel comfortable talking to now and pal around with them for a while. They can be like your secret wing man so you can start talking to other people. 

Be yourself. Don’t get intimidated by the propect of having to prove yourself to a new crew. Casually add your two cents to a conversation that’s happening around you. Be positive and smile lots and people will want to include you. 

Talk to everyone. Be super friendly and cast your ego aside. At the end of the day, talking to someone you would never normally pick to be your friend is better than not talking to anyone. Be open minded. You never know who might end up being your best friend in the world. 

Trust your gut. Do what feels natural and try not to force things. Be optimistic and trust that it will happen.  

Be gutsy. You do need a certain degree of guts to break into any new social circle. If someone invites you to a staff outing and you feel like they’re just being nice by asking the new girl, you might feel inclined to say no. Tell that insecure voice in the back of your head to pipe down. Say yes.  

Be confident. If you ever feel like you’ve made a total fool of yourself or came off like you were trying too hard, try to forget about it. One job, let alone one embarassing moment, will not make or break your entire social life. Don’t let a silly negative thought in your head ruin your ability to be your wonderful self at work or at play. 

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