Best Gift Ideas for Friends this Holiday Season

˜Tis that time of year again. Holiday season is rolling up in the next few weeks and you may have gifting on the mind. Slightly different than buying for family, gifts for friends can be fun, frivolous and edgy. If you’re short on ideas, we’ve pulled some together for you:

An experience:
Look for something you can share together. Friendships grow through shared experiences so why not indulge in something unique together? Never been in a helicopter? How about tree canopying? Or an afternoon at a spa? All great ideas high up on the memorable factor. 

Plan a girl’s day out:
Grab a coffee and jump on a winter tour of the city. Or stop by a local gallery and indulge in lunch afterwards. If a limited budget does the choosing this year, check out free events in your area and plan a day with your friend around those option.

Homemade gift basket:
You know your girlfriend best. Pickup a few of her favourite products, toss in some speciality chocolates and wrap it up in a pretty basket. Low on fuss and gift baskets are always a hit.

Organize a holiday clothing swap party with a group of your besties:
Everyone brings a few items they are willing to part with in exchange for a wardrobe refresh. You supply the snacks and drinks.

A talented cook?
Invite your closest friends over for a home cooked meal or go all out for an afternoon tea with pastries and scones.

Giving back this year?
If you and your friends have decided to forgo the gifts this year in favour of doing some good for your fellow man, devote some time to volunteering together. Serve lunch at your local soup kitchen or wrap some holiday gifts for kids in need in your community.

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